New Moms Share: What They Couldn’t Live Without During the “Fourth Trimester”

It's an important transition time

Updated 07/30/18

Photo by Sara Lobla

Ever hear of the fourth trimester? Many new moms and experts alike have now coined the term “fourth trimester,” which cleverly refers to the adjustment period between raising and caring for a newborn and recovering from pregnancy and birth.

While it’s often thought to be quite a difficult time period, luckily, there are lots of products that can help ease the transition for both momma and baby.

Here’s what real new moms had to say about their most cherished items during those first three months.

“One product I couldn’t live without was Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, because of the fire red nightmare of a diaper rash he came home with.” — Christine

“I couldn’t have survived those first few months without a Rock n’ Play.” — Jessica

“A Baby Bum Brush! I can’t stand cleaning diaper cream from under my nails. Oh, and a Rock ‘n Play!” — Carolynn

“One thing I couldn’t live without in the fourth trimester was a comfy but light robe. I lived in that for probably the first 2-3 months. Especially if you have a c-section some pants just won’t sit comfortably or will bother the incision, so just wearing a robe around the house all day was key.” — Christina

Tucks Pads, sports bras with removable padding, Soma pajamas, water bottles on hand all the time, a peri bottle, Aden and Anais muslin swaddles, HALO SleepSack, and Baby Magic lotion.” — Brittany Ann

UPPAbaby Bassinet in the house, because it was his favorite place to sleep during the day. We were obsessed with Aden and Anais swaddles, we basically used them to cover any surface he laid on. Also, I was and still am (9 months later) obsessed with sterilizing and would be lost without my Baby Brezza sterilizer. Also, I had a ton of stitches and as far as products for me, witch hazel saved my life!” — Danielle

“Google.” —Pam

"Velcro swaddle blankets and a Rock 'N Play! — Sarra

"The Baby K'tan Breeze is the easiest wrap to put on and it keeps newborns all cozy against your chest. I wear her around the apartment and also take her out on walks in it. Pick the size that will fit YOU vs. the baby." — Meredith

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