According to Your Zodiac Sign, This Is the Nail Polish Color You Should Wear on Your Wedding Day

A 'something blue' hue or 'blushing bride' pink? The stars have the answer!

Updated 02/19/18
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Photo by Katrina Jayne

Staring at an endless sea of nail polish colors and finishes at the salon can be enough to give even the most Zen person a twang of anxiety. With so many beautiful polishes to pick from, how can anyone fully commit to just one? Especially when it comes to choosing a hue for one of the most photographed days of your life, when all eyes are on your fingers and that sparkly engagement ring, the stress is real.

If you find yourself struggling to pick a color for your manicure or pedicure, you’re not alone. So, why not leave it up to the stars? We consulted with astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright for her expert insight into the best mani colors based on your zodiac sign.


Not always a girly girl, an Aries likes to be functional and able to go anywhere in a moment's notice. Based on these characteristics, a clean and basic and natural manicure with a clear top coat is a great option. For Aries who love color, a classic basic red also works.

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A Taurus tends to appreciate classic beauty styles, so muted colors like neutral nudes or pale pinks are perfect selections. In the winter, Taurus may find themselves gravitating towards dark greens, which are equally as beautiful, and fun for the season.

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Embrace your fun and funky side, Gemini! Go for lots of fashion-forward nail art—maybe even different designs for different fingers! If that's too much for you, let your more subdued side shine and opt for a warm grey, but with a touch of glitter or shine.

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The timeless French manicure is an excellent option for Cancers, but you also might find yourself opting for a bit of added pizazz based on your mood. Maybe add a single rhinestone or geometric pattern to the mix, while sticking with neutral French manicure colors.

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Get your bold on, Leo! You can’t go wrong with glittery polishes on top of bright colors, so think reds, bright oranges, corals, yellows, and golds. If you find yourself wanting some more detailed nail art instead of a classic polish, opt for designs with metallic in them—there’s nothing wrong with flashy and shiny!

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Similar to Taurus, your best bet are nudes or muted hues, but you might also want to consider pastels. Shades of cool blues and whites are both clean and functional—qualities a Virgo will certainly appreciate.

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A bit indecisive? It’s a Libra thing. If you can’t stick to one color, ombré manis are a perfect fit. Feeling more in tune with your emotions? Mood polishes are a fun way to have a bit of change with less commitment, and can also help to keep your moods in check!

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Moody Scorpio, go for dark and rich hues like black, blood red, or burgundy. Bold and deep tones are right up your alley, and are perfect for making a statement.

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For everyday wear, Sags do well with creamy colors within the grey or brown family, but in interesting and curious shades—definitely not your average or typical colors! To stand out in the crowd (or in a social media feed of ring selfies!), embrace your inner sports fan and opt for the bold color scheme your favorite team.

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Always a fan of tradition, Capricorns should go for either a French manicure, or various berry shades that are appropriate for any situation or ensemble—even a wedding dress!

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Similar to Libra, mood polishes are a fun and unique option for you. Since Aquarius have an affinity for science, representative colors of bright oranges, lime greens, and purples might suit you well.

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The sign of the sea, you love glitter and fantasy-inspired designs that are reminiscent of fairies, mermaids and sea colors. Corals, turquoise and ocean blues might speak to your soul, while rainbow glitter shades are a great option, too.

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