What Do You Do With Multiple Flower Girls?

Bride and flower girls

KT Merry 

When it comes to flower girls and ring bearers at your wedding, we think the more, the merrier! There's nothing more charming than a gaggle of little ones making their way down the aisle before the bride's grand entrance. And think of all the adorable photos of them gathering around the bride in all her glory, and trying to attend to her needs with the excitement and giddiness that only childhood allows. But in addition to tossing flower petals, what are some other duties that they can take on, especially if you can't choose just one tiny lady-in-waiting? We have some ideas from our years of wedding coverage.

However, before we delve into our array of options to keep every tiny escort flush with bite-size responsibilities we think you should also consider an alternate position lest you have one big cluster of cherubs taking over the processional. The role of junior bridesmaid could be an option if some of the flower girls occupy an older age group. A junior bridesmaid usually bridges the gap between a bridesmaid and a flower girl and falls between the ages of eight and 16. During the ceremony, she would process just before the bridesmaids and stand alongside them during the vow exchange. This role is a great option for a younger sister, cousin, or daughter of a close friend that may be a bit too old to be a flower girl.

If you've decided to include several little attendants in your bridal party, there are many flower girl duties they'd no doubt love to take on (in addition to tossing flower petals down the aisle, of course). Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Ask one flower girl to walk with you and carry your train.
  • Have your florist create a garland of flowers and/or greenery and ask two flower girls to each hold one end and walk together down the aisle.
  • If your flower girls are really little and you're worried they may not make it down the aisle on their own, a wagon ride is a great solution. Have the eldest flower girl pull the littlest ones down the aisle.
  • Order floral crowns for each flower girl and ask them to hold hands with each other as they walk down the aisle.
  • Instead of a basket of petals, they can carry more whimsical accessories, like colorful balloons, paper pinwheels, or even a bottle of bubbles to blow as they make their way down the aisle.
  • If they are old enough to take on a little bit of responsibility, they can help escort a beloved pet down the aisle—just make sure the pet doesn't overly outweigh the little ones lest they be completely overpowered and chaos ensues.

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