We're Moving Right Before Our Wedding. Can We Ask Guests to Send Gifts Later?

Updated 04/22/16
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They say good things happen in threes, and starting a life together might be the impetus you needed to upgrade your digs to a bigger apartment or to sign on the dotted line and buy a house. Congratulations! Hopefully you've timed it so you're not packing up the morning of your rehearsal, but if you're moving around the same time as your wedding date, you'll have more than just your regular stuff to deal with: You'll also have a house full of wedding gifts! So can you make it easy on yourselves and ask guests to hold off on sending gifts until after your move is complete? Here's what our experts have to say.

While you can't give guests directions about when to order your wedding gift to ensure it arrives after you've moved, you do have a few options that can help ease the process.

The first is to follow registry tradition and have your gifts sent to your parents' home. If they live relatively nearby and have space to store things, this will allow guests to send gifts when it's convenient, as well as ensure everything is collected in one place. Just be sure to stop by when a new gift arrives so you can open it, keep track of who sent it, and get working on those thank you notes!

The second is to register on a website that allows you to choose when gifts are sent to you, like Zola. They'll notify you when a gift has been purchased (and track who bought it!) so you can send thank you notes ahead of time, but you can opt to have them hold on to the boxes and ship them when it's convenient for you.

The last option is to have gifts shipped to your office or another address that won't be changing in the near future. It's not ideal, but it will save you the stress of wondering whether gifts will be returned to the sender before you can update your registry with your new address.

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