The Romantic Movies That Inspired These IRL Wedding Themes

These real brides got their inspiration straight from the silver screen

Updated 04/22/17

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Who doesn't get inspired by their favorite movie? Sure, many brides look to their favorite movie or TV characters for bridal fashion inspiration, but some take it to a whole new level. These five cinematically minded brides created made-for-Hollywood weddings inspired by their favorite movies.


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"We had small newspapers printed up instead of ceremony programs and a couple of little kids dressed like Newsies outside the ceremony site yelling, 'EXTRA, EXTRA...READ ALL ABOUT IT....'" —Carol

Pride and Prejudice

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"I'm 23 and getting married on June 17, 2017. With a majority of my wedding planning behind me, I can honestly say that my wedding has been heavily inspired by a never-ending string of movies. It's eclectic and romantic with a vintage flair. The foundation is undeniably inspired by Twilight: Breaking Dawn. It's likely that any girl in the world could offer that answer, or at least those of who us spent our high school years drooling over the Bella Swan/Edward Cullen romance, but the wedding scene in the fourth installment has been my point of reference for all of the florals and greenery in my wedding. Aside from that, the remainder of the wedding is inspired by Pride and Prejudice—not the Colin Firth BBC version but the 2005 Kira Knightley film starring the disheveled, unbuttoned-shirt-wearing Mr. Darcy marching across a field at dawn. Swoon! While I can't necessarily pinpoint items in my decor that reflect a regency time period like Pride and Prejudice, though I am including a lot of antiques, it's more the feeling the movie gives me that has influenced my decisions. The film is serious but appropriately lighthearted, includes flowing, simple dresses in a palette of light, pastel fabrics, and, of course, is romantic. Above all, I aimed to create a wedding ceremony that will feel romantic and timeless, just like the movie. I should throw in that I've watched Father of the Bride starring Steve Martin with my dad 100 times, and we now plan to share a dance to the same song as the father/daughter duo in that movie. But, we've also contemplated including a dance sequence that showcases our favorite cinematic dance scenes: Pulp Fiction, Billy Madison, Beetlejuice...I could probably find ties to numerous movies in my wedding. I watch way too many, and they never fail to influence my thinking." —Kaylee

Maire Antoinette

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"For my September 2015 wedding, I was inspired by the 2006 Marie Antoinette movie. I loved the pastel colors, romantic desserts, and elegant use of gold decor. There were scenes where Kirsten Dunst was surrounded by a variety of yummy desserts, from pink cakes to towers of macaroons, both on her chaise lounge chair and at this grand table. I thought, what could be more romantic and luxurious for a wedding, so I served those desserts. I also utilized gold accents on everything from table runners to lights and chairs as a Marie Antoinette homage." —Shayna

Beauty and the Beast, 1991

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"One of the most magical nights of my life was when my fiancé took me to a local theater performance of Beauty and the Beast as an early Christmas present. The show was absolutely magical. I've always loved that movie; I can't imagine how many times I made my mom sit through the animated classic. Belle as a character helped me through being 'odd' compared to my peers as a child and inspired my love of books. Of course I went to the first available showing of the live-action movie. It confirmed my decision for our wedding to be Beauty and the Beast inspired. While the wedding isn't for another two years, I'm already collecting teapots, clocks, and candlesticks. Additionally, I plan on walking down the aisle to 'Beauty and the Beast' and using lyrics from the stage play in our vows. My fiancé completely supports this theme!" —Sarah

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"We wanted our big day to reflect our love for old Hollywood classics. Naturally, it was a black and white wedding; the invitations had movie references, and the stamps featured Casablanca's Ingrid Bergman. Guests walked in on a red carpet and signed our 'guest book'—a giant film reel. The reception featured a gourmet popcorn bar. Before the ceremony, the band played lots of classic songs, and my bridal party walked down the aisle to 'Tara's Theme' from Gone With the Wind. We also had movie references during the ceremony. My vows ended with the classic quote from Jerry McGuire: 'You had me at hello.'" —Amy

Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW, is a New York City–based marriage therapist and author.

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