Wedding-Day Makeup Tips Every Mother of the Bride Needs to Know

Updated 04/02/14

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A mother of the bride has probably been dreaming about her daughter's wedding day since, well, the day she was born. But it's important for the MOB to not forget about herself — she should look just as picture-perfect as she envisioned her daughter looking on her big day. One way to ensure that happens? Rock flawless makeup. In part two of our mother-of-the-bride beauty tips, Andrea Robinson, author of the new book Toss the Gloss: Beauty Tips, Tricks & Truths for Women 50+, shares her genius secrets for enhancing eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Line up your own hair and makeup team: While it's tempting to default to the experts your daughter is using, Robinson says this isn't always the best idea. "I've seen this go terribly wrong," she says. "Sometimes when a MOB uses the same makeup artist as her daughter, she ends up with a look that's inappropriate. So know that the team she's using might not be right for you, and experiment with other hairdressers and makeup artists well before the big day."

Eyes should be defined, but never harsh: Robinson recommends avoiding bold, liquid liner. "Stick to a soft pencil," she recommends. "Start in the middle of the lid, and with light strokes, move toward either end."

Think "kitten," not cat: A tiny upward flick of liner at the outer corner draws eyes upward, counteracting any age-related droopiness. "Liner should always be applied in an 'up and out' direction," says Robinson.

Cream blush is a must: "This is my go-to cosmetic product for a vigorous, healthy look," says Robinson. "MOBs should look fresh and vital on their daughter's wedding day." And don't fret about overdoing it. "Too much blush is the easiest mistake to fix. Just apply a little foundation to a sponge and pat it over the blush."

Toss the gloss and swipe on satin-finish lipstick: It might look great on a teenager, but on an older woman, gloss is a no-go. "It emphasizes lines, wrinkles, chapped and thin lips — which all of us over 50 deal with unless we're very lucky," says Robinson. "Nothing looks worse than over-injected lips with a sticky, tacky gloss — very First Wives Club. Go for a satin-finish lipstick, which is much more flattering and subtle."

Look like the very best version of you: Ultimately, says Robinson, "a MOB should feel relaxed and comfortable 'in her own skin,' and with her makeup, hair and wardrobe choices. She should look and feel like herself, only better."

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