This Mom Is Being Wedding Shamed for Wearing a Bridal Gown to Her Son’s Wedding

Let this be a lesson

Updated 05/21/19

Rubberball/Mike Kemp

Upstaging the bride with your ensemble on her big day is a big no-no (unless you’ve been asked to wear white as a member of the bridal party, of course!). Apparently, one groom’s mother at a recent wedding didn’t get the memo, however, as she showed up to her son’s nuptials in full-on bridal wear.

In photos obtained by The Sun and originally posted in the Facebook group "That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming," the groom’s mother can be seen stealing the bride’s thunder in a form-fitting plunging V-neck bridal gown.

The bride, meanwhile, wore a fitted cap-sleeve lace gown with an tulle bottom.

“Distant family's wedding. Groom’s mom just had to wear a bridal dress too,” the Facebook poster captioned the snap.

While both women looked lovely, the only thing distinguishing the bride from her new mother-in-law in the photo to an onlooker was a colorful bouquet of flowers. “If one didn’t have a bouquet I would think double wedding,” one group member responded.

Naturally, many in the group were outraged, taking the mother to task for what they saw as an uncouth outfit choice. “If you’re a guest at someone’s wedding and you wear anything that resembles a wedding gown, you’re an a**hole," one wrote.

Others revealed the less-than-please reactions they would have had in a similar situation. “I'd have refused to have a photo with her, to be honest,” one poster shared, with another adding, “I would hand the bleep my bouquet and walk out.”

The groom’s mom did have someone in her corner, however. “I honestly don't see the problem,” one writer quipped. “It's not like people don't know who the bride is... Wouldn't bother me what so ever.”

Let this be a lesson: Never attempt to outshine the bride!

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