These Are the Most Popular Wedding Dates of 2019

Does your big day fall on one of them?

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Historically, when we think of wedding season, we tend to think of spring and summer, with the warmer months of June and September taking up prime real estate on the calendar. But times they are a-changing, and many of the most popular wedding dates of 2019 don't fall in either season.

According to a new study from wedding registry website Zola, which analyzed data from engaged couples set to tie the knot this year, it’s actually a day in early to mid-autumn that has brides and grooms everywhere saving the date—more specifically, October 12.

What’s more, a good chunk of the remaining most popular wedding dates of 2019 to land in the top 10—40 percent, in fact—also fell well within fall’s borders.

Here are the top 10 wedding dates of 2019:

  1. Saturday, October 12
  2. Saturday, October 5
  3. Saturday, September 7
  4. Saturday, October 19
  5. Saturday, September 21
  6. Saturday, September 28
  7. Saturday, September 14
  8. Saturday, June 1

Saturday, June 22

Saturday, October 26

Those who were paying attention last year might not be too taken aback: The most requested wedding date of 2018, which fell on October 20, wasn’t too far off. And our Brides own 2018 American Wedding Study showed that summer weddings overall have decreased by more than 20 percent in the last year, while fall weddings are seeing a steady rise in popularity. The new most popular months to tie the knot, according to our study, are September and October.

Zola's director of brand Jennifer Spector provided some insight on the rising reign of the fall wedding to Insider: “It's no surprise that fall is so popular, because the temperature is mild, the photographs are Pinterest-perfect, and it avoids the summer travel season for guests,” she explained.

With that surge of popularity, however, likely comes a surge in pricing. According to the survey, while Saturdays still reign supreme when it comes to getting hitched, off-peak weekdays, such as Thursday evenings, are seeing an upswing for weddings in what is likely an effort to combat some of the cost associated with trending dates. “Most venues offer weekday discounts, and vendors like photographers and florists are often more willing to negotiate. The cost savings alone can make a Thursday wedding very appealing,” Spector told Insider.

It also gives those who missed the boat on their venue’s top day choices a chance to nab a coveted wedding locale. “The most in-demand wedding venues can book up over a year in advance, so a Thursday wedding is one way for a couple to book their dream venue sooner,” Spector said. However, "Couples have to be understanding if friends and family members decline because they can't take an extra day off work,” notes Spector.

Spector also advises couples who may not be interested in a fall date to go with their hearts. As she perhaps puts it best, “There's really no best season to get married. Beautiful weddings happen all year long."

Hear, hear!

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