The 5 Most Popular Post-Wedding Purchases

Wayfair Registry shares what people want after the nuptials

Updated 09/28/18
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Ever wonder what couples are buying post-registry? That time after the wedding when all the presents are opened and real life starts to settle in? Perhaps they're filling in gaps with things they didn't realize they'd need (and thus didn't put on their registry) or maybe they're loving something off their registry so much that they've decided to buy multiples. Or, maybe they're buying things they didn't think they could register for, like hardware or tools they didn't know they needed (yes, you can register for tools!).

Whatever it is, we were interested in what the most popular categories were that couples were investing in post-wedding—and luckily our friends at Wayfair had just the answers we were looking for! Read on for their finds!

From Wayfair:

"After months of planning, countless dress fittings and numerous hours rearranging the seating chart, you’re finally married! However, the fun doesn’t stop there! Now, it’s time to open your registry gifts to see what you got and what you forgot! From colorful KitchenAid mixers to gorgeous serve ware and plush linens, no matter what you received, there will always be afterthoughts and pieces you wish you had added to your registry."

Read on to find out the top categories newlyweds are investing in after they say "I do"!

Wall Décor


It takes time to make a home feel like your own. However, a quick and easy way to brighten a space and showcase one’s personality is to mix in decorative décor. Mirrors, wall art, and tapestries can breathe life into a room, making it feel polished and complete. According to post-wedding data from Wayfair Registry, newlyweds are adding these finishing touches to their home by filling bare walls with colorful paintings and textured accents as a way to personalize their space.


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Adding plants to the home can have major benefits to overall health by improving air quality and reducing toxins. And for those who don’t necessarily have a green thumb, faux is the way to go, as greenery adds to the appearance of any space without the fuss of watering, pruning or repotting. Incorporating plants as a filler is a great use of blank space, and often creates the appearance of a fuller room. Wayfair Registry data reveals, couples are catching on and are bringing nature indoors, stocking up on items such as planters, vases, and faux trees.



The right lighting can do so much more than illuminate a room. It can also be a perfect decorative element. Rooms tend to have a focal point that your eye immediately goes to when entering, and often it’s toward a gorgeous light fixture. Whether you’re changing a chandelier or replacing vanity lights, investing in lighting can have a major impact on any space! Wayfair Registry data reveals couples have a penchant for swapping existing fixtures and are plugging in pendants, floor lamps, and ceiling lights to shine as bright as their love!

Home Improvement


Making improvements to your existing decor can be less daunting than you think, and fun too! Quick and easy updates such as swapping hardware or adding removable wallpaper can enhance the overall look of your space, resulting in that wow factor you’ve coveting after scrolling through Insta. Data from Wayfair Registry reveals couples are tackling home renovation projects head on to make their home feel more customized with updates like adding shelving and swapping out vanity mirrors and cabinet hardware.

Design Services


Moving in with your significant other means blending existing décor styles, which can be challenging for some to conceptualize. Not everyone has that interior design lens, resulting in a lack of confidence when trying to restyle a space. According to Wayfair Registry, couples are focusing on building a home they are proud to share by utilizing services such as Wayfair’s new e-design platform, Design Services, to bring their vision to life.

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