The 50 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes, Revealed!

Updated 09/03/14

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Planning a wedding is a lot more difficult than most brides think. After all, this is likely your first time planning such a large scale event, so juggling several different vendors, managing your budget and timeline, and keeping track of the pesky organizational details can be more difficult than you ever imagined. Not to mention you likely have other priorities (like jobs or family) that you can't put on hold to become a full-time wedding maven.

Even if you make a dozen Excel sheets, carefully craft your budget, and are diligent about those RSVPs, there are still countless other mistakes you might end up making. In an effort to help keep your planning on track and your sanity in check, we compiled an extensive list of the 50 most common mistakes brides make.

From the big questions you've most likely thought about (like whether or not you should get a wedding planner) to the seemingly insignificant ones that may never cross your mind (like how many people you should let offer a toast at the reception), we covered every single topic you need from engagement to the moment you say "I do."

So while you're spending hours on Pinterest, trying on your dream wedding dress, sniffing flowers, choosing invitations, sampling cake selections, scouting venues, and booking your honeymoon, you'll want to keep this list handy!

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