Mono-Moons: The Rise of Solo Travel and Where to Go Right Now

Enjoy Your “Me Time” in These Beautiful Destinations

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While we may romanticize a getaway with someone we love or groups of friends, traveling with no one but yourself and your own thoughts is becoming increasingly popular.

“Solo travel is so hot right now because people realize life is short and they want to make sure they go to places on their bucket list before it's too late,” says travel expert Johnny Jet. Traveling alone is always an eye-opening experience, especially if you disconnect from the Internet. Destinations depend on what solo travelers are looking to get out of their trip. “If they want to meet other solo travelers, then they should go places where other single travelers are vacationing and not go to romantic or family destinations,” says Johnny Jet.

Whether you are traveling to have a little time with yourself before or after a big life change or just because you can’t think of a reason not to, there are some great spots around the globe that are a perfect pick for solo travel in 2018.


Iceland is an incredibly stunning and safe travel destination for solo travelers. “It’s safe, and Icelanders are helpful and friendly. There is a defining vibe of adventurous ladies who head there in search of a unique destination experience. After all, it’s the land of fire and ice, from active volcanoes to trekking a glacier. It’s not unheard of for solo women travelers to connect at the Blue Lagoon, the Tiffany-blue-colored geothermal pools in the capital city, Reykjavik, then choose to meet up on the road elsewhere for a meal or another adventure together,” says female adventure-travel expert Stefanie Michaels of


Lisbon is one of the most on-trend cities in Europe, but there are many other reasons to visit the country of Portugal. Known to be one of the safest countries in the world, Portugal is particularly ideal for solo travel, especially for women. “There is a palpable sense of tranquility when one travels alone—nobody to answer to, no votes on tonight’s restaurant, no pleasing the group over the individual—and that feeling is all the more potent when worrying about security is removed from the equation,” says travel expert Kevin Raub, a Lonely Planet guidebook author. “When I moved from Brazil to Portugal, I got a bit tipsy and stumbled home at 3 a.m. with headphones in my ears. I never once thought about looking over my shoulder—and in that moment I realized what a burden I was carrying for nearly a decade in Brazil. The stress just left my body like a soul leaving this earth. I knew then I made the right decision.”

Greek Islands

The gorgeous Greek islands are a fabulous destination for people traveling alone. “Filled with beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, cheap food, and incredible accommodations, places such as Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, and Corfu are must-sees on any Mediterranean island-hopping itinerary. Santorini and Mykonos are lively during the summer months, as Europeans and cruisegoers flock to these whitewashed islands, making them great destinations for solo travelers looking for a little fun. Prefer a quieter scene? Consider visiting during the fall shoulder season for fantastic deals on accommodations and mild weather,” says Jessica Bisesto, senior editor at the travel deals finder TravelPirates.


Hungary is an up-and-coming destination that makes for a fantastic place for solo travelers. “Hungarian goulash, smoked Hungarian Gouda, foie gras, and roasted duck are some of the dishes travelers can’t miss. Solo travelers looking for antiques, jewelry, and cool old-world items should head to Falk Miksa, a street near the parliament building that’s lined with fantastic shops,” says Bisesto.


Once considered a country with a questionable reputation, Colombia is now one of the most popular travel destinations for Americans and is a great choice for budget solo explorers. “Cheap flights to Bogota and Cartagena are available from most major U.S. cities, and accommodations ranging from party hostels to five-star hotels can be found throughout the country. Solo travelers looking for a relaxing beach vacation should head to Cartagena, where they’ll have the chance to admire colonial architecture and colorful cheap food. Bogota offers fantastic food tours and a great LGBTQ scene as well as cultural appeal,” says Bisesto.

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