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Modern Maid of Honor Duties, Explained

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The duties of a modern maid of honor aren't quite what they used to be—in case you hadn't noticed, weddings are a lot different than they were when our mothers were young. Times have changed, from fashion and formality to the omnipresence of social media, meaning your number-one girl will need to stay even more on her toes than usual. We've got five new responsibilities your MOH can't forget about; take a peek, then send this over to your BFF!

Bridal Distraction

You have a whole lot to do while you're planning your wedding, and while your maid of honor should be your go-to source for an extra set of hands, it's also her job to make sure you enjoy being engaged. From an afternoon spent getting mani/pedis to a full-blown girls' night out, your MOH is first and foremost your best friend, and that's the role she should take most seriously!

Social Media Maven

The bride should spend the morning of her wedding relaxing and stay as unplugged as possible, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be documented. Give your maid of honor your phone and your password so she can get behind-the-scenes shots of the champagne toasts, happy tears, and the moment you slip on your dress. You may want her to take pics and keep them private, but if you're all about Instagram, you could also tap your MOH to post to your accounts throughout the day. Don't forget to give her your hashtag!

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Timeline Tracker

While your planner or coordinator will take the helm when it comes to your wedding day timeline, it's worth sharing with your maid of honor, as well. She'll be able to watch the time in the bridal suite, making sure hair and makeup appointments are moving along, and let you know when it's almost time to get in your dress.

Food Provider

There's nothing worse than a hangry bride, especially when the reception is hours away. Your MOH should check in periodically to see if you need something to nibble on before you leave the bridal suite. You may be too excited to think about food, but a protein-rich snack will help you get through your big moment and fend off hunger pains.

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The bridal suite will be a whirlwind of emotion and activity, and it's your maid of honor's job to help regulate the energy in the room to keep you calm and comfortable. Make sure she knows who you're happy to have around and who you'd prefer to keep at bay. If you know you'll need a little alone time before you put on your dress, put her in charge of guarding the door to the room where you're hiding out so you can take a few deep breaths.

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