Trend to Try on Your Wedding Day: Mismatched Earrings

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We get it, trends are tricky. When done right, the result is a cool yet timeless look. But when done wrong...let's just say the pictures last forever. Enter asymmetrical earrings: a hot trend among the jewelry-obsessed that can elevate your wedding look to style-setter status. "For the bride who wants to break with tradition just a bit, this trend is a fantastic way to express some of your fashionable sensibilities without upsetting your mother and grandmother," says jewelry designer Stephanie Owen of Elizabeth Cole, who specializes in gorgeous, mixable baubles. From demure to more dramatic, Owen shares her best tips for pulling off the mismatched earring look.

1. When in Doubt, Keep It Classic

"You can still be a classic bride but embrace the asymmetrical trend by simply wearing one diamond stud and one pearl stud—fashion-forward and fun but in a very subtle way," says Owen. Personalize it by borrowing the staples from your mother or grandmother. Something Borrowed? Check!

2. Stick to One Metal

Mixing proportions and metals are too jarring for a bridal look. Stick with one—gold, silver or rose gold—and have fun with shapes instead.

3. Clear or Neutral Sparkle Is Your Best Bet

A light palette keeps the attention on the bride and lets you have fun with different earrings.

4. Make a Change for the Reception

"If you're nervous about embracing this trend, wear your classic diamonds during the ceremony, and then mix it up with your asymmetrical set at the reception," Owen says.

5. Let the Look Shine With the Right Hairstyle

"If you want to be more daring, wearing a large chandelier on one ear and a smaller stud on the other would look amazing with a side-swept hairstyle," says Owen. To keep it classic, wear the stud on the pulled backside and let the chandelier peak through long flowing waves.

6. Add Edge With an Ear Crawler

"This is the beauty of the asymmetrical earring—it adds a bit of rebellion to any bridal look, from the very classic a-line gown to a slightly cropped top with a skirt," says Owen.

7. Mix Costume and Fine Jewelry

"Wear a real diamond stud on one ear and your favorite drop earring on the other—rhinestones and diamonds do mix!" says Owen. This way you can get the luxe look and no one will be the wiser.

8. Shop Your Own Jewelry Box and Embrace Indecision

Lean on your favorite pieces for a look that's authentically you. "I have a tendency to be a bit indecisive regarding which earrings I want to wear. This trend allows me to mix and match some of my favorite pieces within one look," says Owen.

9. Have Your Bridesmaids Rock the Trend

Obsessed with the look, but not for you? The trend makes great gifts for your bridesmaids to wear on the big day. "Add fun pops of colors to your wedding photos by having each girl wear a different mismatched set in your color scheme," says Owen.

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