No, Miranda Kerr's Husband Won't Be Snapchatting Their Baby's Birth

Despite her hubby being Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

Updated 02/07/18

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Miranda Kerr may be pregnant with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel's baby, but don't expect to see their little bundle of joy on her dad's app any time soon.

The former Victoria's Secret model sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday to chat about her skincare line, KORA Organics, and of course, her pregnancy. During the interview, Kimmel asked the one question that is undoubtedly on everyone's mind: Will Spiegel be Snapchatting the baby's delivery?

"Oh, no, my husband's a very private man," she explained, going on to say that she thinks she will probably keep her children off of the app in general.

"What I love about Snap is you can send your friends and family these little intimate moments that you're [comfortable] sharing. So, my family in Australia—we Snap all day long. But publicly, it's a different thing," she said. "You want to keep some things private."

Kerr and Spiegel tied the knot in May 2017 after two years of dating. The pair met at a work dinner, during which their seat-mate turned to Kerr and said, "I bet you two are going to get married." Obviously, she was right.

Kerr also shared that she is "so excited" for her first child with Spiegel, and revealed that the pregnancy was absolutely "planned." Someone else who's excited about welcoming a new member into the Spiegel–Kerr clan? Miranda's 7-year-old son, Flynn, from her first marriage to Orlando Bloom. "Evan and I had been together for a while, and he was like, 'When are we going to have a baby brother or sister?' We were like, 'We've got to get married first,'" she recalled. "The day after the wedding, he comes running in, and he's like, 'Mommy, is it in there?' I was like, 'Honey, give it a minute!'"

TBD if they'll announce the arrival of the baby with a Snapchat Bitmoji, à la their engagement, but here's hoping.

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