Mindy Kaling Shares First Photo of Her Daughter on Halloween

You have to see baby Katherine's cute costume!

Updated 11/01/18

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Mindy Kaling was so excited about her first Halloween as a mom that she finally shared a picture of her baby girl!

While it’s not that revealing—the photo is taken from behind—it is still the first glimpse we’ve got of little Katherine Swati. The sweet Instagram shows Kaling, dressed as mustard, helping 10-month-old Katherine stand up in her lion Halloween costume.

“Happy Halloween from this bottle of mustard and her little lion,” Kaling wrote in the caption alongside a heart, lion, and jack-o-lantern emoji.

Katherine is Kaling’s first child. In typical fashion for the actress, who is notoriously private about her dating life, she hasn't shared much about her little bundle of joy. She has, however, spoken out about her life post-baby and being a working mom.

“You see all these photos of writers and you’re like, ‘Oh, there’s nobody with gray hair or anyone older than 40.’ And I’m 39, so that’s frightening, especially when you have a baby,” Kaling told People last month. “But what I’ve been noticing more and more is that there are more working women.”

She added, “I think that’s gonna be the next big push, actually, is making places so you can be a mom, have your kids, bring your kids to work if you need to,” continuing, “But I think it’s a tiny bit sexist as well, and people are worried that because you have kids you won’t be able to pay more attention ... Any mother will tell you it makes you so razor-sharp focused on your career because you’re so worried about money.”

We can’t imagine anyone having a problem with little Katherine around at the office; her mom revealed she’s quite the professional. Apparently after a day of non-stop tears, Katherine was able to get it together for an important visit to Oprah Winfrey’s house.

"She'd been really fussy, she'd been fussy the whole way,” Kaling told Ellen Degeneres in June. “And I'm like 'Oh my God, am I going to be the person that brings a screaming baby into Oprah's cathedral of beauty and art?' And the minute we went in I was like, 'Katherine, please. Please. You have no idea how high the stakes are right now.' And we walked into the door and her eyes went wide, and she stopped crying like she knew she was in Oprah's house. And then she was just like coyly smiling and being adorable for, like, the next four hours."

Cue the coos. Hopefully this little glimpse means that a full selfie of Katherine is coming soon.

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