Miley Cyrus Just Gave Us Another Look at Her Engagement Ring—and of Liam Hemsworth in a Dress, NBD

The singer proved herself to be our V-Day VIP by giving us another glimpse of her to-die-for bling

Updated 02/15/17

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Okay, okay, so we know Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have reportedly tied the knot, like, legit at least five times by now, with the latest rumored secret wedding to have taken place over New Year's Eve. But we think it's safe to say that Liley is still engaged—if you're going to take the gorgeous glare coming off of Cyrus's finger as proof, that is. On Valentine's Day, Cyrus proved herself to be our V-Day VIP by giving us another glimpse of her to-die-for engagement ring. Oh, and a pic of Liam Hemsworth in a dress. Natch.

Yes, Miley is still rocking that rock. And damn it, we never get tired of looking at it! Ever since the "We Can't Stop" singer brought her old engagement ring from Hemsworth out of retirement a year ago, we can't stop fawning over the thing. Luckily, Cyrus showed it off yet again on Valentine's Day yesterday on Instagram.

In the video, Cyrus is seen with pal Sarah Barthel, blowing kisses to the 'Gram—and flashing her engagement sparkler while doing so! But with no additional never-seen-before bling in sight—i.e., a wedding ring—we're going to go ahead and assume that Cyrus and Hemsworth aren't yet a Mr. and Mrs., as previously rumored.

According to a source speaking to NW Magazine, the couple supposedly tied the knot in secret around New Year's Eve with their families in San Diego—even Hemsworth's fam from Australia. "It was all extremely last-minute," said the source. "Liam's entire family flew over for the holidays and the Cyrus family was in town, too. It just seemed like a no-brainer to do it while everyone was together."

But alas, those rumors seem to have been just that—rumors. But on the plus side, at least we got Hemsworth in a dress as our Valentine's Day gift. Much better than flowers or candy, in our opinion...

Cyrus also took to the 'Gram yesterday to wish everyone a happy V-Day via a photoshopped pic of herself and her bae twinning. Because why not, that's why.

"@liamhemsworth & I wish you a VERY loveyyyyy V-Day," Cyrus captioned the photo of herself and Hemsworth working the red carpet in matching, heart-adorned Moschino gowns.

May we suggest these for your wedding-day garb, you guys? We know it's photoshopped and all, but if this is any indication, clearly Hemsworth would know how to work a wedding dress.

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