Michelle Yeoh Wore the Notorious 'Crazy Rich Asians' Emerald Engagement Ring to the 2019 Golden Globes

Thank goodness a jewel that magnificent had a shelf life beyond the blockbuster

Steve Granitz

Eleanor Young is taking her covetable style from the big screen to the IRL red carpet. Actress Michelle Yeoh, who plays Nick Young's ever-discerning mother in the film Crazy Rich Asians, stunned at the 2019 Golden Globes tonight wearing one memorable movie accessory—the notoriously opulent emerald and diamond engagement ring.

Yeoh sported a monochromatic green look, complete with a sleeveless gown, shawl, and diamond jewelry. The ensemble would not be complete, however, without the recognizable ring, which character Eleanor later gifts to her son in the famed book-turned-movie. And no, Yeoh didn't steal it from the Crazy Rich Asians props department—according to Vulture, she actually pulled the ring from her own jewelry collection to encapsulate her character's over-the-top style.

"We had a ring designed already, and our mock-up looked so sh*tty that Michelle [Yeoh] was like, That cannot be the ring I wear," director Jon M. Chu explained. "I’m like, I know, I know. I’m so embarrassed by it, but we don’t have the money. She’s like, I have a better ring than that." Turns out, the actress had actually purchased the bauble as a gift for herself, and the indulgence then doubled as a key component of the blockbuster's proposal scene.

Todd Williamson/NBC

Yeoh also shared more of the spectacular jewel's backstory while heading into the award ceremony earlier this evening. "Because it was such a character in the film, it had to be instantly recognizable," she said, per People. "The color green is about life, prosperity, so when we said with Eleanor she’s very particular and I know the ring that she will wear."

And, as perfectly as the accessory synced with Yeoh's look, the matching colors were hardly intentional. "She did not design this green gown around it," Amy Kaufman of the Los Angeles Times confirmed via Twitter.

Now, can we please see Constance Wu's blue Marchesa number from the Crazy Rich Asians wedding scene make its red carpet debut next!?

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