Michael Phelps Message to Fiancé Nicole Johnson Is Husband-Goals

Michael Phelps via Instagram

Could they get any cuter? Just days after winning a handful of gold medals at the 2016 summer Olympic games in Rio, swimmer Michael Phelps shared a sweet tribute to his fiancée, Nicole Johnson, on Instagram yesterday. In it, he wrote some very heartfelt sentiments to his wife-to-be, sure to make any significant other swoon.

Michael Phelps posted a photo of himself and his fiancée, captioning it, "I love spending time together with you!! Thank you for everything!! Can't wait for the next chapter of our life to begin!! Love you!! #rio2016 #omega"—now that is a lot of exclamation points, and with good reason. The 31-year-old Olympian just won his final round of gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games (he now has 28 in total, according to The Daily Mail), has a beautiful fiancée, and a little cherub of a son named Boomer. Life is pretty good right now, that's for sure.

The next chapter in their lives is sure to be a good one, as well. With a wedding happening at the end of the year and Phelps retiring from his swimming days (with a net worth of about $55 million according to CNBC), life is pretty sweet. He announced on Monday that he's leaving his post as Olympic champion to focus on "building a family" with his 31-year-old fiancée and three-month-old son. After 28 medals and millions of laps, you deserve a break!

His wife-to-be has shared an equal amount of heartwarming photos on her Instagram while she supported her man in his quest to defend his gold medal titles. In the latest snap, she posted a picture of her and her husband-to-be overlooking Copacabana in Brazil (complete with Boomer in a bjorn on her chest!), saying, "My happy lil family @m_phelps00 #proudfiancé #family #bestfriend" complete with heart-eye emojis.

The duo shared that they're tying the knot at the end of this year in an intimate ceremony—followed by a big party. "It'll be small and intimate for the wedding, then we're throwing a massive bash for everyone in the States," the former beauty queen shared with Access Hollywood while in Rio.

The ex-Miss California and champion swimmer have had quite the on-again, off-again relationship, but it definitely seems like they are in it for the long haul. "I'm pretty sure we both shared stuff with our parents and were like, 'Oh, this is it, there's no way we are getting back together,'" Johnson recalled. Phelps' mom, Debbie Phelps weighed in, sharing that she always felt that Johnson was "The One." In fact, when they got back together and the swimmer told his mom that he was back with his leading lady, his mom was thrilled. "That's where he should be," she said.

The future Mrs. Phelps had similar feelings about it, noting that she and her groom picked up right where they left off. "It was still a little rocky and figuring things out, figuring each other out because it had been some time. But we didn't miss a beat."

The one question we have for the retired athlete and his wife-to-be, however, is—are his 12,000 calories-per-day diets still going to be on the menu in this new chapter? Now that's a lot of cooking for a bride-to-be while she's planning her big day!

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