Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson Are Having Their Third Child: "Oops, We Did It Again!"

13-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps announces that he's going to be a father again

C Flanigan

In addition to being a 13-time gold medalist, former Olympian and retired swimmer Michael Phelps is also a dad to two really adorable kids. On Monday, he shared that there's actually one more baby on the way as he and his wife (the model and 2010 Miss California pageant winner Nicole Johnson) prepare to be parents for a third time.

The couple, who have been married since 2016, went on Instagram to make their exciting announcement—and as an added bonus, they incorporated their two other boys, one-year-old Beckett and two-year-old Boomer, into the whole thing for an added dose of cuteness. They both posted a photo of their kids smiling in a toy truck with golden balloons that read "Baby." Phelps included a sweet caption that said, "#3 on the way! Can’t wait to see the journey that this takes us on!!!" Nicole's message was a little more playful as she cheekily joked, "Oops, we did it again. I get to be a mama x3!!"

The Phelps family also has Instagram accounts for Beckett and Boomer, and their messages on those profiles were even more delightful. "I asked mom for a new baby for Christmas last year and .... well my wish finally came true!!! I wonder if I’m gonna have little brother or a little sister?" Boomer's caption read, with a photo of the little boy sitting with his jaw slightly open. Meanwhile, Beckett looked slightly bewildered in his post, which said, "I’m not sure what this means but I was just told I’m promoted to Big Brother!!"

It's not clear if the family is going to reveal if the baby is a boy or girl before the birth, but they're having fun keeping everyone guessing. Plus, it seems like they're going to continue providing fun updates like these for fans on their social media accounts, so stay tuned to learn more about the tiny future Olympian.

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