BRIDES Florida: Miami's Best Wedding Cake Bakers

Pat's Bridals via Instagram

From Latin American flavors to multi-layered cakes crafted for celebrities, these Miami cake confectioners are the classic go-to choices for every Floridian in the know. Here's a taste of what these baking experts can whip up for brides-to-be.

Ana Paz Cakes (above)

Known as a "Baker to the Stars," the Puerto Rican-born baker's customized wedding cakes could very well be your "something borrowed," since the original recipe was handed down from the Ana Paz's grandmother. Now the baker mixes things up with a secret syrup of rum and coconut, adding a tropical flair to the traditional cake.

Photo: The Baking Girl

The Baking Girl

Brazilian-born Chanda Carroll learned how to bake from the best, watching her grandmother create cakes and cookies from the freshest ingredients around. While her cupcakes are debatably some of Miami's best — and a favorite of another Brazilian beauty, Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima — her wedding cakes are just as delectable and sure to draw ohhs and ahhs from guests when you cut the first slice.

Photo: Lee & Marie's Cakery

Lee & Marie's Cakery

Owner Andy Travaglia — who took the name for her American "cakery" from her daughters' grandmothers — bakes up traditional tiered beauties while adding her own flair to the filling. The neighborhood bakery works on creating its own foodie friendship with its clients, even offering to recreate a wedding topper for a couple's one-year anniversary.

Photo: Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes

Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes

The mother-daughter duo has whipped up cakes for everyone from Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union to Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, so the ladies are used to serving only the best. They aren't afraid to deliver on over-the-top demands, as seen in their reality show, Las Divas de Azucar (Sugar Divas).

Photo: Elegant Temptations

Elegant Temptations

The boutique bakery has a way of crafting a cake that completely blends in with your wedding's theme, incorporating accents from the color scheme to the invitations into a cake just as elegant as the bride to be.

Photo: Nena's Cakes

Nena's Cakes

It's hard to decide what's prettier at Nena's Cakes, the chic salon bakery or the cakes themselves. Founder Belkis Fonte started the baking business six years ago drawing on her background studying art in Cuba. She brings every bit of her artful expertise to crafting culinary masterpieces that are far too beautiful to break apart, but taste just as delicious as you'd expect, with mouthwatering creams like pineapple and guava coconut.

Photo: Todo Dulce

Todo Dulces

Argentinian pastry chef Laura Fleubry blends traditional methods with European influence to craft her homemade wedding cakes — sans preservatives. She's garnered a rolodex of recipes passed down from her ancestors, adding her own modern-day pizzazz to her show-stopping creations — they can even be replicated in mini form for your guests to take home.

Photo: Edda's Cake Designs

Edda's Cake Designs

Over the past 30 years, Edda Martinez's passion for baking, which she picked up in her own family's kitchen growing up, has spread to four spots across South Florida. Her haute cake creations add a bit of Cuban flair from her childhood, like the signature vanilla rum cake.

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