30 Mouth-Watering Wedding Menu Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Everyone will be asking for seconds.

Appetizer platter

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Planning your wedding menu is one of the most important tasks to check off your to-do list, and there are so many options to consider, from plated dinners to buffet-style receptions. And while the format of your dinner (or brunch) service definitely matters, the food you select is even more important.

When it comes to your summer wedding menu, you don’t want to serve something too messy or difficult to eat. And, especially in summer, you may also want to feature the flavors of the season. To get the full scoop on the best wedding food for a summer wedding, we sat down with Stephani O’Connor, wedding catering pro and former culinary director of The Peached Tortilla, to get her top tips and menu ideas.

Meet the Expert

Stephani O'Connor is a culinary specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Read on for tips and tricks on how to incorporate the flavors of the season, as well as 30 summer wedding menu ideas to help get your planning started.

Make It Interactive

Look at ways to make your big day even more special with interactive food stations. Letting your guests get up and move around can go a long way. “Especially in summer, stations are a big deal for us, and they just keep getting more popular,” says O’Connor. “We put together a lot of fun, interactive stations for weddings. The more interactive, the better.”

Graze a Little

“There’s a big trend in grazing tables,” says O’Connor. “Taking a whole table and filling it with a variety of food has become so popular.” Select your favorite meats and cheeses, and pair them with nuts, melons, fruits, and more to create the perfect grazing table. Grazing tables give your guests the opportunity to nibble as the day goes on, without making them feel like they need to sit down for a full, heavy meal.

Keep It Fresh

Incorporate fresh flavors into your passed apps or stations, and consider greeting guests with something light as they come into the ceremony. “Summer always brings menus with fresh, seasonal food, incorporating more berries, melons, a lot of fresh herbs,” explains O’Connor. “Whatever is fresh in season at the time, we definitely use a lot of.”

Keep It Light

“We tend to sell more fish during the summer for a light option. Or for pasta, we’ll use a browned butter sauce instead of a heavy sauce,” says O’Connor. “People tend to want things very fresh and very light.” Keep bright, colorful foods at the forefront of your menu planning. Apps and entrées should be on the lighter side, so your guests don’t feel too full in the hot sun.

With those key tips in mind, we put together a list of wedding menu ideas for inspiration while selecting options for your summer wedding feast.

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Sushi Bar


Photo by Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Sushi. Bar. Need we say more? Work with your caterer to set up a gorgeous, refreshing option everyone will love.

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Caprese Skewers

Caprese skewers

Photo by Mikkel Paige Photography

Nothing screams summer like bright tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and a drizzle of balsamic. Caprese skewers offer a great, filling option without weighing down your guests.

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Salmon Entrée

Salmon entree

Photo by Yasmin Khajavi Photography

If you’re opting for a sit-down dinner, consider fresh, light options for your main course such as salmon or grilled chicken. Use the dish as a base to incorporate summer flavors like lemon or roasted red pepper.

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Fresh Flatbread

Flatbread with lemon and prosciutto

Photo by Katie Parra Photography

Thinking about doing a spread of pizzas but worried it might be too heavy? A simple flatbread with prosciutto, greens, and lemon can be a great, lighter alternative.

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Bright Berry Cups

Cups of berries

Fresh berries are the perfect touch for warm weather. Opt for bright fruit cups with a mixture of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries to capture the flavors of the season.

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Seafood Bar

Seafood bar

Photo by Hazelnut Photography

Nothing says summer like fresh seafood. Set up delicious, light options with an array of sauces for a fun, interactive station.

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Strawberry Salad

Strawberries on porcelain dish

Keep salads light and seasonal. Flavorful arugula, yummy strawberries, goat cheese, and almonds can go a long way. Opt for dressings like poppyseed or balsamic, rather than the heavier ranch or caesar options.

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Lobster Rolls

Mini lobster rolls

Photo by KT Merry Photography

Capture fresh, summertime flavors with these mini lobster rolls. If lobster isn’t your thing, ask your caterer for a spin on this app using chicken or tuna.

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Grazing Table

Grazing table

Photo by The Poor Girls Pantry

Set up a table with your favorite meats and cheese, crackers, and fruits. Your guests will love the variety and the option to move around and make their own charcuterie plate.

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Prosciutto-Wrapped Melon

Prosciutto wrapped melon

Photo by Adrian Tuazon Photography

Nothing embodies the taste of summer quite like sweet melons. Pair cantaloupe with prosciutto for a delicious, creative app.

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Roasted Beets


Add a splash of color to your menu. Beets are the perfect, earthy base for a summer salad or on their own as a side dish. Add ricotta and honey to bring out their gorgeous flavor.

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Fish Tacos

Mini fish tacos and margaritas
Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography; Catering by Peter Callahan Catering

Summer is all about enjoying time in the sunshine, maybe even with a margarita in hand. Bring the flavors of the season into the mix with mini fish tacos, and don't forget the lime.

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Tuna Tartare

Tuna tartare
Photo by Amy and Stuart Photography; Catering by Belmond El Encanto

Keep your dishes light with the addition of fresh fish such as tuna. We love the idea of a delicious tuna tartare appetizer.

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Mini Ice Cream Cones

Mini chocolate ice cream cones

Photo by Erin McGinn; Catering by Blackstone Caterers

Who says you can't have ice cream on the menu? It is summertime after all! Serve mini ice cream cones in various flavors before or after dinner as a fun treat—the timing is all up to you.

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Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

Platted with bacon wrapped asparagus
 Photo by Henry & Mac; Catering by Fire & Co. 

Make flavorful vegetables the star of an appetizer, but top it off with the flavors of smoked bacon. These are the perfect passed app for a rustic, outdoor reception.

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Veggie Fresh Rolls

Veggie spring rolls at wedding reception
Photo by O'Malley Photographers; Catering by Sugar Beach Catering

Your guests will love having access to bright, seasonal appetizers. Consider fresh rolls made with in-season vegetables, paired with a delightful sauce to top it all off.

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Pineapple Pulled Pork Sliders

Woman hold pulled pork sliders
Photo by O'Malley Photographers; Catering by Sugar Beach Catering

Nothing says summer wedding like a tropical luau. Combine island flavors such as pineapple and pork for a tasty slider option.

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Chocolate on the Half Shell

Chocolate on the Half Shell

Photo by Ryan Ray 

Why not throw something sweet into the mix during a cocktail reception? Consider a chocolate treat served up in an oyster shell for a fun dish that screams summer by the beach.

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Kale and Farro Salad

Salad with strawberries and crostinis
 Photo by Taylor McCutchan; Catering by Tre Posti

Who says salad needs to be simple? Offer a heartier salad option while incorporating the flavors of summer. Pair kale with farro, and opt for a topping of juicy strawberries to finish off this seasonal dish.

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Mozzarella With Candied Tomato Skewers

Tray with candied tomatoes and mozzarella

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Catering by Renaud Traiteur

Take the fresh flavors of a caprese dish and switch it up a bit. Pair marinated mozzarella with candied tomatoes for a lovely reception app.

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Oyster Bar

Oysters on the half shell

Photo by Sasithon Photography; Catering by Rams Head Inn

Oysters can be such a fun treat to add to a summer wedding, especially one hosted outside on the lawn or at the beach. Set up a bar for your guests with oysters on the half shell, paired with a variety of sauces for toppings.

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Sweet Pea Bruschetta

Sweet pea Bruschetta
Photo by Amy and Stuart Photography; Catering by Belmond El Encanto

Utilize what's being harvested during the season. Peas are definitely on the list of summer vegetables, and we love the idea of using them in a passed app.

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Fresh Bass With Seasonal Vegetables

Bass with fresh vegetables
Photo by Sasithon Photography; Catering by Rams Head Inn 

Thinking about plated meals for a summer wedding means fresh fish and tasty vegetables. Pair a bass filet with red peppers, asparagus, and seasonal tomatoes for a lovely dish.

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Fig Bruschetta

Fresh fig bruschetta

Photo by Kelly Brown; Catering by Contemporary Catering

Bring the sweet flavor of figs to the party. Figs are in-season right at the beginning of summer, and they're the perfect fruit to pair with goat cheese for a light, simple bruschetta.

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Grilled Prawns


Photo by Sara Lobla; Catering by D Calvache Group

Fresh seafood is perfect for any season, but it's especially delicious in summer. Opt for grilled prawns and pair them with a lemon sauce to bring in the flavors of the season.

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Black Bean and Corn Salad

Black bean and corn shooters
Photo by Cameron Clark; Catering by Amangiri 

The sweet flavor of corn, paired with the heartiness of black beans, just evokes all those simple summertime vibes. Consider a dish combining the two, served as a shooter or a larger plated salad.

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Fresh Burrata Salad

Fresh Burrata Salad


Burrata is such a light, refreshing cheese that truly pairs perfectly with anything. Let bright, seasonal tomatoes shine in a simple salad dish.

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Eggplant Tarts

Mini eggplant tarts with tomato

Photo by Sidney Bensimon; Catering by Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Eggplant is at its peak during the summer months, but it's often thought of more as a fall vegetable for roasting. Turn eggplant on its head with a puree, served with ripe tomatoes and basil.

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Plated Antipasto

Antipasto plated dish

Photo by Pat Furey Photography

The dimensional flavor of arugula goes perfectly with a balsamic drizzle. Pair both with a unique plated dish of cured, sliced meats and shaved cheese for a simple start to your meal.

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Rosé Popsicles

Rose popsicles
 Aaron Delesie

These Rosé Popsicles are such a fun idea for serving up your favorite pink summer sipper in a unique way. Consider wine popsicles during your cocktail reception, or even later in the evening as an after-dinner treat.

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