Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Don't Want Their Kids to See THAT Bridesmaids Scene

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What do a foot-long sandwich filled with meat and cheese, a hungry bear, and an air marshall have in common? If you've seen the movie Bridesmaids, you already know. Probably one of the most memorable scenes from one of our favorite movies, it's pretty hard to forget Melissa McCarthy and (real-life husband) Ben Falcone's infamous sandwich (read: sexual) encounter during the ending credits of the epic movie.

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The actress and her real-life husband recently shared some backstory about the unforgettable scenario during an interview with The Project, according to Daily Mail. "That wasn't supposed to be in the movie," the 45-year-old actress said. "We did it on a lunch break," she added, "at the last minute, Judd Apatow [the producer] said like 'oh let's do something fun and put it on the Internet maybe." What started as lunch break shenanigans during filming turned into one of the funniest and raunchiest parts of the entire film. "We shot it, and he [Apatow] called and was like 'haha it's at the end of the movie.'"

McCarthy added that they refused to let their children watch the scene. "No!" the comedian said when asked if they'd seen it, "they would take my kids away if I let them." Lucky for their kids, as the rest of America has the image imprinted in their brains.

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No one can deny their on-screen chemistry, and off-screen, the two have been married in since October 2005. The hysterical pair has worked on many films together including Identity Thief, The Heat, Spy, and of course our favorite — Bridesmaids. "We have always been lucky that we have worked together for so long, but we see the same thing and we have had the same goals," she shared with the Daily Mail.

The key to their happy marriage? "Patience and kindness," they revealed. It's clear the two have a mutual love and respect for each other — that undoubtedly includes a hilarious sense of humor, on and off-screen.

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We're just wondering if the lovebirds have ever reenacted the sandwich scene at home; role playing is totally a way to spice up your marriage — especially when it includes cured meats and cheeses!

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