Meghan Trainor Says She Wants a Winter Wedding

Dear Future Husband, do you hear that?

Michael Tran

It's been a busy year for Meghan Trainor: in addition to releasing her third studio album, "Treat Myself," she's been planning her wedding! The 24-year-old pop singer, who got engaged to Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara back in December 2017, has been slowly hinting at the details of her upcoming nuptials. The bride-to-be previously hinted that she was considering a backyard barbecue wedding, but has since has a change of heart.

"I'm thinking Christmas," Trainor told Entertainment Tonight in an interview, adding that a summer wedding would be "too hot."

"Nice and cold, so that when we dance and get sweaty we can, like, cool off, you know?"

Christmastime is important to Trainor for more than just the holiday itself. Sabara proposed on December 22, which also happens to be Trainor's birthday. But the singer didn't totally scrap the backyard locale entirely: Trainor used her own backyard as the backdrop to her new album cover.

"We did a photoshoot in my backyard and it was my idea to be like, let's go in the pool," Trainor explained. "Shouldn't have done that! It was freezing. But I felt really sexy and powerful, and there was a lot of discussion on which picture should be the cover and a lot of people had other decisions. But I stood my ground and was like, 'This is the hottest pic of me, probably forever of all time, so let's just keep it as-is."

In February, the "All About That Bass" singer said she wasn't entirely sure on wedding specifics, but she knew her costars on The Four would be in attendance for her big day.

"I still don't know if we want to go away together or do it with no one or everyone, but we will see," Trainor said, before adding she would "of course" be inviting her fellow judges on the reality competition show, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, DJ Khaled, and Charlie Walk. And they have already accepted their invites: both Diddy and DJ Khaled said they even wanted to perform at her reception.

"If I am at her wedding, believe me, I will get up on the stage," Diddy said of Trainor's big day. "I want to make sure I am doing a whole show."

DJ Khaled offered up his services, too. "I have to [perform]. First of all, I get to see this amazing relationship grow everyday on set. It's a real relationship...when he proposed, she came to work that week...her fiancé, he's in there, swagged out, he's got a smile from here to here all day. I've never seen that man smile so much," he said.

Looks like it's all coming together for this bride!

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