Meghan Markle's Nickname for Queen Elizabeth II, Revealed

Only the queen's nearest and dearest can call her this

Updated 06/15/18

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Yesterday, Meghan Markle made her very first solo appearance with Queen Elizabeth II and we if could give the former actress a standing ovation, we would. Without her new husband, Prince Harry, standing in as a buffer, the Duchess of Sussex took a one-on-one trip to Chester, England, with her most royal of in-laws and handled herself like a pro princess.

After arriving on the royal train—a privilege Prince Harry has yet to receive—the queen and her new granddaughter-in-law spent the day unveiling the Mersey Gateway Bridge, watched performances by local schoolchildren, and attended the opening of the Storyhouse theatre, before sitting down to lunch at Chester Town Hall. In photos of the day, there's no denying that the pair look awfully chummy. Are the duchess and the Queen officially gal pals, we wonder? And more importantly, after spending all this one-on-one time together, will Meghan be allowed to call the queen by her unofficial nickname?

Surprise! Reportedly, the queen has a secret nickname that only her nearest and dearest are allegedly allowed to use. So, what is it? Liz? Lizzie? The Big Q? No, no, and definitely not. According to Majesty editor Ingrid Seward, Queen Elizabeth II's secret nickname is "Mama." Well, all right then.

Per the U.K.'s Mirror, Seward told Grazie that the duchess will be permitted to call the queen this term of endearment once she settles into royal life and "gets to know her as Diana did." For now, however, Meghan is still expected to follow protocol, and address QEII as "Your Majesty."

Soon, Meghan will be upgraded to "Ma'am," before she's finally permitted to call the Queen of England by her pet name of "Mama." To be completely honest though, does anyone really want to call their grandmother-in-law "Mama?" We might stick with tier two and call her "Ma'am."

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