Meghan Markle Streamed These Artists While Getting Ready on Her Wedding Day

Now you can build your own, princess-approved playlist

Updated 05/24/18

Brian Lawless/WPA Pool/Getty Images

How does one prepare to get married to a prince in front of 30 million people around the world? For the newly-crowned duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, it was about creating as "chill" of an environment as possible—and that meant streaming relaxing, classic music, according to People.

Markle's makeup artist and longtime friend Daniel Martin, who created the stunning natural beauty look for Markle on her big day, dished about what the vibe was like while everyone got ready for the most-anticipated wedding of the year. "She was off her phone and playing music," Martin told People. "It was just us catching up and asking about mutual friends. Harry was out while we had our time together."

To foster that zen setting, Markle streamed some of her favorites from the 1950s via Spotify, according to Martin. Artists of choice included icons such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, The Drifters, Buddy Holly, Four Tops, the Platters, and Ben E. King. The '50s playlist apparently put Markle in the right frame of mind for her debut as a bride. "She didn't seem nervous," Martin told People. "She was very cool. She was regular was very chilled."

And the Motown-era hits continued throughout the rest of the day, with King's "Stand by Me" being performed at the church ceremony and the Atlanta Soul Orchestra playing hits like "My Girl" and Stevie Wonder selections at the reception. Who knew Markle was such a Motown fan? (Downloads every Spotify Motown playlist immediately.)

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