Meghan Markle Wears Her Wedding Gift from Father-in-Law Prince Charles in Fiji

It's so sparkly!

Updated 10/23/18

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Message to all in-laws out there: Consider this your friendly warning to step it up with the gift-giving.

As first reported by The Sun's royal correspondent via Twitter on Tuesday, Meghan Markle revealed the present Prince Charles gifted her on her wedding day—and, at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, the man's got impeccable taste in jewelry. That's because, in lieu of pots, KitchenAids, or whatever other housewares Meghan and Prince Harry might have been coveting at the time, Charles apparently opted instead to present his new daughter-in-law with a gorgeous tennis bracelet adorned with dozens of tiny diamonds. Tiny diamonds! We know nothing else about who made the bracelet or the story behind it—is it a low-key royal heirloom?—but it does have a decisively modern edge to it.

She styled it on Tuesday first with a chic white dress, a matching white fascinator, and a black clutch, plus another shiny gift from her in-laws: the diamond-and-pearl earrings given to her by Queen Elizabeth several months ago. Later in the evening, she kept the bracelet on when she changed into a Fiji-blue cape gown for a black-tie dinner welcoming her and Harry to the island.

Pool/Samir Hussein/Getty Images
Pool/Samir Hussein/Getty Images

As Cosmopolitan notes, the Duchess of Sussex has actually been hiding the bracelet in plain sight over the past few months, and it's so subtle that we didn't even notice. She first wore it for a dinner reception the evening before her royal wedding, in May, then again a few weeks later, rather appropriately, at Prince Charles's 70th birthday celebration. The bracelet’s origin story, however, wasn't known until this week, as Markle opted to wear it while arriving in Fiji during her first official royal tour with Prince Harry.

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Markle and Prince Harry are currently embarking on the second week of their royal tour throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga, a tour that has spurred way too many cute moments between the duo. Most recent on that list: Prince Harry revealed earlier this week that he's hoping he and Meghan, who's currently about three months pregnant, will welcome a baby girl—who will likely go by something off the "long list" of baby names Meghan recently said they're already perusing. You can bet Prince Charles already has the perfect baby gift picked out.

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