Meghan Markle Wants This American Food Trend at Her Wedding

You'll Probably Have It at Yours, Too

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While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a lot of wedding planning details on their checklist before their May 19 nuptials, choosing the royal wedding cuisine is probably towards the top. After all, their high-class potential guests most likely have quite the food palate, so the bar is set fairly high. Markle and her fiancé have reportedly already selected a banana fruit cake for their nearest and dearest to munch on after dinner, but there's no confirmation on what the main course will entail. However, despite their elite guest list, Markle allegedly wants to keep in line with one popular American wedding food tradition for the royal affair—serving late-night eats at the reception.

The betrothed couple will have, not one, but two wedding receptions to commemorate their nuptials (because a wedding this grandiose naturally calls for multiple parties). After the pair says "I do" at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, they'll head to the first reception at St. George’s Hall. Then, Prince Charles will keep the festivities going with reception round two, where he'll host a private event located at an undisclosed venue. So, with celebrations potentially running into the wee hours of the night, it seems only fitting that Markle wants to provide some good old American grub for her nearest and dearest post-dinner.

Hayley Bloomingdale, communications manager at Moda Operandi, told the Sunday Times that the bride-to-be will most likely honor this American wedding staple of post-dinner noshes at her own reception—and some greasy snacks, at that!

"She needs to get this right. People don't want posh food on silver platters at 1 a.m. They want grilled cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers, a taco truck, a doughnut wall, something lowbrow," says Bloomingdale. "That's very American." We'll be the first to admit it is.

As if we weren't already vying for an invite to the wedding of the year, the thought of seeing Queen Elizabeth chow down on a late-night taco makes us completely envious of all future attendants. And, considering the couple most likely has their pick of the lot when it comes to some of the world's best chefs, we can only imagine how delicious a late-night gourmet grilled cheese in the presence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will taste.

Markle has become notorious for shaking up royal protocol since her engagement to Prince Harry went public, and we couldn't be happier that she's putting her own spin on the wedding menu. The royal guests might not be used to burgers and donuts, but they'll thank their lucky stars for these guilty indulgences after a few rounds of celebratory drinks. We may be biased, but this reception post-dinner lineup will definitely beat bangers and mash.

The future royal bride will also mix things up at the reception in a huge way—the former actress reportedly plans to give a speech in honor of her new hubby. Markle, who knows a thing or two about commanding a room, will be the first royal bride to get her turn at the mic. Rather than the father of the bride making a toast, Markle will do the honors.

Cheers to Meghan Markle for introducing only the finest aspects of American culture to royalty across the pond! Maybe next she'll take Queen Elizabeth to a baseball game.

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