Did Meghan Markle Vote in the U.S. Midterm Elections?

Being a royal makes absentee voting REALLY complicated


It's election day in the United States, and while most American citizens who live across the pond can send in an absentee ballot, there's one ex-pat we're not sure can cast her vote: the Duchess of Sussex.

While Meghan Markle has long been outspoken about her political beliefs and her support for women's rights, Cosmo notes that being a royal makes the whole voting process much more complicated.

Even though Meghan holds the title of duchess and lives in Britain, she is still in the process of obtaining British citizenship—which technically still makes her an American citizen eligible to vote in the midterms. The problem is, the royal family doesn't like to get involved in American politics. According to the Kensington Palace website, Queen Elizabeth "has to remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters," and is "unable to vote or stand for election." Because of this, most of her family stays neutral too, in order to keep their impartial political status.

We imagine that this can't be easy for the duchess: As Cosmo reports, in 2016, Meghan shared a blog post titled, "Because You Must," on her now-defunct website, the Tig, which highlighted the crucial step in the democratic process.

“The right to vote is something for which blood, sweat, and tears have been shed; the struggle was endless for us to have this liberty,” wrote Meghan, per Cosmo, who was in Canada filming Suits at the time. “I ticked the boxes on my absentee ballot last week, closing my eyes and thinking of my great grandparents who didn’t have this right (and thinking of how it would have changed the lives of my grandparents if they had). So on this day we urge you to exercise said right. Please vote. The fact that we can makes us the lucky ones.”

But just two years later, the Duchess can't confirm or deny her voter status. According to People, representatives for Kensington Palace have only responded "no comment" when asked if Meghan cast a ballot.

While we can't say whether or not Meghan voted, we do know that she is still very much pro-vote. During a stop on her tour with Prince Harry in New Zealand last week, she spoke on behalf of the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

“The achievements of the women of New Zealand who campaigned for their right to vote, and were the first in the world to achieve it, are universally admired,” she said. “In looking forward to this very special occasion, I reflected on the importance of this achievement, but also the larger impact of what this symbolizes.”

The Duchess may never reveal whether or not she took place in the 2018 midterm elections, but if we know Meghan Markle, we can assume she will find a way to make her political voice in America heard.

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