Meghan Markle’s Thoughts on Valentine's Day Are So Important

This queen is her own Valentine

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Valentine's Day can be a loaded holiday that conjures several emotions, but one thing's for sure: All you need is self-love and some good friends to make it to February 15 in one piece. Meghan Markle couldn't agree more. In fact, for a blog post from 2015 on her former lifestyle site, the Tig, Markle penned the most epic post dedicated to all the lonely hearts out there—showing just how much can change in a few years.

“I think you need to be your own Valentine,” Markle wrote at the time, according to People. “Last season I was chatting with my Suits sister wives, Sarah [Rafferty] and Gina [Torres], and was in some sort of funk, bemoaning something that was so futile I don’t even remember what it was now. But I was faaaaaar from showing [myself] self love. One of them stopped me—truth be told I can’t remember which one because they both impart their sage wisdom with me on the daily—but one of the stylish wise ones stopped me and said, ‘Hey! That’s my friend you’re talking about. Be nice to her.’”

Markle went on to explain the importance of friends forcing you to realize your own self worth, and in turn treating yourself to whatever you can, just because you can. “They were protecting me from myself,” she continued. “From my own criticism, and my own self doubt. They were reminding me to treat myself as well as I treat those closest to me. To be my own valentine.”

After mentioning some Valentine’s Day plans that included new shoes, Markle concluded the post with a feminist statement. “Those shoes, by the way, were my gift to myself. Because I’ve worked hard, because I’m not going to wait for someone to buy me the things I covet (nor do I want to), and because I want to treat myself as well as I treat those dearest to me. Because I am my own funny Valentine,” she concluded. How perfect.

In a marked turn of events, this year Markle is celebrating the holiday of love with her royal fiancé in Scotland, performing her new duties as the future Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales. It’s the first and last Valentine’s Day the two will spend as an engaged couple before they marry on May 19 of this year. Let’s hope she gets a new pair of shoes—one way or another!

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