Prince Harry Is the "Best Husband Ever," According to Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex is loving the newlywed life

Updated 06/14/18

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be home from their actual post-wedding getaway but the two are still very much in that honeymoon state of mind. The Duchess of Sussex just made her first public appearance without her husband, but her thoughts were still on her red-headed prince.

During her first solo outing with Queen Elizabeth II in Chester, England, Markle revealed to fans that she's absolutely loving the newlywed life. One well-wisher in particular, Sharon Briscoe, 61, traveled about 25 miles east from Chirk, Wales and was given the chance to speak with the Duchess, according to People.

“It is wonderful,” Markle told her during their conversation. “I’m really enjoying it.”

Briscoe said that she told Markle, “I said to give our love to Harry and to look after him," to which she replied, “I will do. That means an awful lot to us. He’s the best husband ever.” Swoon.

Briscoe said that she also told the Duchess that she “looked radiant” and Her Highness replied, “That’s so kind.”

“She seems so genuine and really warm and not rushing with people,” Briscoe said of Markle.

The Duchess's first royal engagement with the Queen was especially significant—and not just because of Prince Harry's absence. The Queen invited Markle to ride the royal train with her, an honor that not even the prince has had. After a 205-mile train ride, she and the Queen made their way to Mersey Gateway Bridge, where local school children performed for them at the Storyhouse theatre. The two then went to Chester's town center and met with members of the public before going to lunch at the Chester Town Hall.

While the Duchess has proven herself more than worthy of her royal status, she is still working out the kinks. During their trip, Markle accidentally committed a bit of a protocol faux pas: While getting ready to get in a car, Markle apparently wasn't sure if she should slide in before the Queen, leading to a slightly awkward moment in which everyone tried to figure out who should get into the car first.

Don't worry—you're still learning, Meghan!

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