Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Skincare Routine—Revealed!

Future brides, take note!


Suits actress and bride-to-be Meghan Markle has the whole package—the looks, the talent, the royal fiancé, and a nose so perfect it's one of the most requested plastic surgery trends. Markle already has an envy-inducing complexion, but it sounds like she's taking even more steps to prepare her skin for her May 19 wedding with Prince Harry.

Markle owes her magically glowing skin to London-based facialist Nichola Joss, who's most likely already started helping the bride-to-be primp before the big day. Joss, whose client list includes the likes of J. Lo and Kate Moss, spilled the details on the bride-to-be's potential pre-wedding skincare regimen to Marie Claire and how the rest of us peasants who aren't lucky enough to marry royalty can achieve the same wedding day look.

First things first, Joss says all brides need to get a head start on their wedding beauty regimens four to five months in advance, for "Markle-level results." This especially holds true if you have acne-prone or scarred skin, as Joss advises you should be "seeing your facialist every two weeks to get your skin in the best condition you can." But, she says you can cut it back to every three weeks closer to the wedding date. During this time, brides should especially avoid beauty no-no's, like sleeping in makeup, touching your face with dirty hands, and messing with any zits.

Next (and you'll like this one), she recommends getting a professional massage or massaging yourself as many times as you can before the big day. "You want to start getting regular massages from the beginning of your skincare journey, since it not only helps remove the tension in the face, but it also really helps improve the texture when you massage with a good, clean facial oil," she told Marie Claire. Joss is notorious for her slightly invasive-sounding "inner facial," which involves a massage so extensive she even covers the inside of the mouth (interesting). While most masseuses won't offer the same treatment, you can still achieve royal-worthy skin at your local spa.

Future brides should also be picky about their product selection. Any beauty goodies that miraculously promise to work overnight just aren't feasible, hence why you need to start your wedding skincare routine early. "Anything corrective, like acid peels, intense microdermabrasion, or laser treatments should be done between three to five months before the wedding, but not closer," she says. This gives your skin plenty of time to heal, and you can focus on simpler tasks, like hydrating, in the months leading up to your wedding.

When the big day finally rolls around, brides should be as gentle as possible and "use only simple, nourishing products." She also advises leaving a jade roller in your freezer for an hour, and then applying to your skin for a brighter, less puffy complexion.

Since Meghan Markle thanks Joss's facial exercises for her killer jawline and cheekbones, we trust her credibility completely. We'll all be well on our way to Markle-perfect skin in no time!

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