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Kensington Palace unveils the Duchess of Sussex's new profile on its website

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been married for just over 24 hours and now the Royal Family is making it really really official. The Royal family's web site just unveiled a brand new bio for the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex. And in case you needed more proof that Meghan Markle is a feminist powerhouse, they're making it very clear.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are probably still recovering from last night's royal wedding reception. They danced all night to Elton John (live, of course) and sipped on "When Harry Met Meghan"s (their royal wedding signature cocktail featuring a little bit of ginger, in honor of Harry, obviously. Now, the Royal Family are ready to make the Duchess of Sussex and official royal. The palace just unveiled Markle's brand new royal bio on its web site, and it's all about her incredible charitable work and her commitment to female empowerment, even way before she met Harry.

"From a young age, The Duchess had a keen awareness of social issues and actively participated in charitable work. Aged 11 she successfully campaigned for a company to alter their television advert that had used sexist language to sell washing-up liquid. Her Royal Highness also volunteered at a soup kitchen in Skid Row, Los Angeles from the age of 13-17. She continued to volunteer at the soup kitchen when she would return home to Los Angeles until the age of 22," the bio notes.

While the bio highlights her charitable work and education, her acting career is not so front and center. You have to click on the second page of the bio to read all about Markle's work on the Toronto-based Suits. The page also cements what we have now affectionately come to refer to as "The Fab Four," featuring an image of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton at The Royal Foundation Forum—a cause of which she will now become a patron.

Welcome to the family Meg! Read Meghan Markle's full royal bio here.

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