Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth to Make Their Second Public Appearance Together

The pair are quickly becoming thick as thieves

Updated 06/22/18

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Meghan Markle, the newly named Duchess of Sussex, and Queen Elizabeth II evidently have a lot to talk about, as the queen has invited her granddaughter-in-law to accompany her on a second public engagement in the span of two weeks.

Last week, the queen and Meghan attended their first solo event together, in Chester, England, and on Tuesday, June 26, Meghan will attend the queen's Young Leaders Awards. Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will also be in attendance, and serves as the Commonwealth's Youth Ambassador.

Although Meghan is new to the royal family, Queen Elizabeth appears to greatly enjoy her presence. Their trip last week to Chester was presumably the first time the pair spent an extended period of time together solo, taking the royal train for a 205-mile trip and then attending the unveiling of the Mersey Gateway Bridge together. Photos from their time together last week also show both Meghan and the queen laughing together and in very high spirits.

In contrast, Kate Middleton didn't do her first solo appearance with the queen until she was in the family for more than a year; Meghan, on the other hand, received the honor within her first month as an official royal.

Next week's awards ceremony will be held at Buckingham Palace and marks an important milestone for the queen; the Young Leaders Awards were founded in 2014 as a four-year program, so Tuesday's event will be the fourth and final ceremony. The award was organized to recognize exceptional people from across the British Commonwealth, with mentoring and training opportunities as well as grants for organizations making a difference in the lives of young people. Anyone ages 18–29 from the Commonwealth's 53 countries and nearly 2.5 billion-person population may apply, making the distinction a highly competitive and coveted one.

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