This 1990 Video of Meghan Markle Pretending to Be a Queen Is What Your Monday Needs

Is it too much to ask for 900,000 freshly baked cookies? !

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images

If you weren't already convinced by the grace and elegance she's shown during recent royal outings with fiancé Prince Harry, here's even more concrete proof that Meghan Markle was always destined to be a royal.

In a home video from 1990 that was released to the Daily Mail over the weekend by Markle's childhood friend Ninaki Priddy, the Suits actress, then 8 years old, takes on the role of queen and, with a kind yet firm manner, delegates several very important tasks to her little squad of princesses.

The video shows Markle, wearing a striped shirt, pleated skirt, and a crown on top of her head, putting on a show with her friends in a backyard during Priddy's birthday party. Markle, of course, is both star and director: After calling "Action!" on the first take of Your Royal Highness, she immediately jumps into the role of a lifetime. When one friend asks what she can do for Queen Meghan, she replies, "Make 900,000 cookies and sew me a nice dress," which is really all any queen wants. As important as these tasks are, however, Markle is a benevolent queen, allowing her subjects to take leisurely walks and have a 10-minute break. But when the break is up, it's back to business: "Go do the grocery shopping. I didn't have time to do it," Markle commands.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Priddy said, "It's very funny to see this now, and given what is going on with her life, it's quite eye-opening. [Meghan] was always the center of attention, always the ringleader—it was my birthday, but she took the starring role!" Priddy also credited Meghan for coming up with the royal storyline. "The royal story came out of the blue. It wasn't something we had done before. She just came up with it on the spot," she said. For the record, though Markle clearly would make a spectacular and compassionate queen, it's unlikely that she'll ever hold the title; upon her upcoming marriage to Prince Harry, she's expected to be given the title of duchess by Queen Elizabeth.

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