Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Might Already Have Post-Baby Travel Plans

There are rumors they're planning a tour in Africa

Updated 04/29/19
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Meghan Markle is at home preparing for the royal baby to arrive, but it seems that she and Prince Harry are already tackling post-baby plans. According to the Sunday Times, the couple is figuring out an official tour of Africa for two weeks in October, and they're reportedly going to bring their child, who will be around six months old then.

If everything goes as scheduled, the baby would become one of the youngest members of the royal family to embark on an official tour. "They hope to take the baby with them but will make a decision nearer the time. Potentially, Meghan and the baby could [d]o some, if not all, of the trip," a source told the Sunday Times.

A tour of Africa makes sense, given the duke and duchess's work there. Prince Harry's charity organization Sentebale is based in Botswana and Lesotho, and he's also done work for the African Parks Network. Plus, he and Markle have a very personal connection to Africa. They have spoken about getting to know one another in Botswana, and in 2017 they went on holiday in Zambia's Victoria Falls. Earlier this month, there were even rumors that they were considering moving to Africa full-time.

Still, a move—or even a tour—contradicts other reports that have emerged about how Markle and Prince Harry want to travel as parents. A source told Vanity Fair just a few days ago that they were "unlikely" to trek overseas and that they were even considering postponing their longstanding plans to take a trip to Canada and the U.S. If that's true, then maybe a tour of Africa isn't so likely after all in the near future.

"As it stands, the Duchess of Sussex won't be going away on an official overseas tour this year," the source said.

So it seems everything is still in flux. Step one is for the baby to come, and that could literally be any day now.

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