Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Favorite Disney Movies Are Probably the Same As Yours

The real-life royals love animated royals, just like the rest of us

Updated 09/05/18

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Ever wondered what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do during week nights at Nottingham Cottage, aside from dining on roasted chicken? Turns out, they have a whole bunch of Disney movies queued up.

The royal couple attended the WellChild Awards, which honors seriously ill children and their caregivers, on Tuesday, and revealed which animated royals are their favorites to watch onscreen. Prince Harry said he's a big fan of The Lion King, while Meghan has "always loved The Little Mermaid," the Daily Mail's Rebecca English shared on Twitter.

They both also said they enjoyed the movie Zootropolis (though they likely meant Zootopia) and Moana. Harry said that his favorite part of the latter film is when "the chicken [Heihei] comes up and he finds himself out at sea in a boat." As for the 2016 Pixar film Ballerina, which they're also fans of, Meghan joked, "Harry likes it because she [the main character] has got red hair."

Considering the newlyweds live just a stone's throw away from their young nieces and nephews, we'd imagine there are plenty of family movie nights going on at Kensington Palace. Last year, Prince William revealed that The Lion King, The Lego Movie, and the show Octonauts were among George's favorites, so it sounds like he shares some similar taste with his aunt and uncle. "Trying to keep him off the television is hard work. Not too much TV," said William.

Prince Harry has been involved with the WellChild foundation since 2007, while yesterday was Meghan's first time attending the event. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent the event getting to know some of the honorees. According to a tweet from English, a child named Matilda who has has spina bifida gave Markle a bouquet of white roses. The Duchess took one rose out and returned it to the little girl, telling her to keep it for her memory box. After the touching moment, Prince Harry made Matilda "pinky promise" to never stop smiling.

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