Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Received Some Pretty Strange Baby Gifts In Honor of the Royal Baby

“A hamper full of produce”...?

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What do you get the royal couple who has everything to celebrate the birth of their first child? Some pretty strange stuff, apparently.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expected to welcome a royal baby some time this month, and there has been no shortage of strange gifts rolling in in the future prince or princess’s honor.

The royal website has posted lists of all of the gifts that the couple has received while traveling around the world during Markle's pregnancy, and while it includes some of the usual items you’d expect as baby gifts—like books, rattles and stuffed animals (including kangaroos and koalas from their trip to Australia, and rhinos and elephants, likely in honor of their love of Botswana)—there are also some things that are... quite outside of the box. Like a “Framed image of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's names represented as molecules,” and a “hamper of produce.” Ok then!

And though the baby hasn’t been born yet, he or she already has a full wardrobe. In addition to multiple pairs of cufflinks and a pocket square (in fairness, royal babies do have a lot of fancy events to attend!) and more pairs of baby socks than anyone could possibly need, there is also a “baby wetsuit” and “baby lifeguard outfit” on the gift list.

For their part, the couple has made it clear that they actually don’t want any gifts at all. Instead, they asked friends and fans alike to make a donation to one of four charities that supports the wellbeing of children: The Lunchbox Fund, Little Village, WellChild and Baby2Baby.

It’s unclear when, exactly, the royal baby will be born, but when the palace announced Meghan Markle’s pregnancy last fall they noted that the couple was expecting a baby “some time this spring,” so it could be any day now. Luckily, the prince or princess will have every outfit (and book, and stuffed animal, and hamper of fruit) they could possibly need when they come home from the hospital.

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