Meghan Markle May Have Let Slip Her Nickname for Prince Harry

Cue the group "awww"!

Updated 08/31/18

Composite. WPA Pool/Getty Images

Royals: They're just like us! Meghan Markle demonstrated as much earlier this week, when, rather than referring to her husband by his proper full name of Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex (relatable!), she seemed to have shortened it all down to a succinct little pet name that'll surely sound familiar to the rest of us common folk. The moment was caught by the many cameras looking on as Meghan and Harry posed onstage with the cast of Hamilton, after taking in a charity gala performance of the hit musical on London's West End, on Wednesday evening.

As seen in a clip of the interaction, the newlyweds are shuffling into place for a group photo with the ensemble when Meghan, realizing that she may be directly blocking her husband from view of the cameras, bobs and weaves in an attempt to help him find his "window" over her shoulder. Per Hello! and the fan accounts that reposted the video, at one point, Meghan turns around and appears to ask Harry, "Can you see, my love?" Almost immediately, the cast members around them had the appropriate, expected response: a synchronized "awww!" When she realized that her teeny bit of PDA had been overheard, Meghan let out a surprised "oh!" then raised a hand to her face and let a little bit of a blush creep into her cheeks.

WPA Pool/Getty Images

Luckily for those who love royal love, that's not the only sweet moment the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared on Wednesday night. As many eagle-eyed followers noticed, in the final group shot posted by the official Kensington Palace Twitter account after the show, Harry's hand can be seen holding Meghan's waist, keeping her close even among the already-crowded assembly. Again, cue the collective "awww!"

Wednesday night's performance of Hamilton raised money for Sentebale, the charity Harry co-founded with Lesotho's Prince Seeiso in 2006 to support children and young adults living with or around HIV/AIDS. At the end of the show, Harry grabbed the mic to address the crowd and dropped a few bars from one of the songs his sixth great-grandfather King George III sings in the show, while creator Lin-Manuel Miranda looked on. Watch the LOL-worthy moment below, and just imagine the embarrassed little giggle Meghan gave to that performance.

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