Meghan Markle's Makeup Artist Daniel Martin on Perfecting Her Look

Daniel Martin pulled off the Duchess's flawless glam without a makeup trial.


We already know that Meghan Markle’s makeup artist Daniel Martin pulled off her flawless wedding day look without a pre-wedding trial, so you'd better believe we are all ears when he drops any makeup knowledge.

While you may already be thinking about how you want your makeup to coordinate with your wedding dress as well as perhaps the time of day you’re hosting your affair, Martin has one more thing you should consider before locking down your look: the lighting. Martin explained how he accounted for all of the different lighting situations Markle would encounter on her wedding day to ensure she looked stunning each step of the way.

"If you look at pictures sequentially from her riding in the car with her mother, getting to the church, to outside in the precession, her makeup looks completely different because of several different lighting situations, which is something I had to think about.” Martin recently told CR Fashion Book. “I also had to think about precise pictures and it being televised.”

With over 29 million people watching in the United States alone, all eyes were on Martin’s canvas that day, which he definitely adjusted for. “You get to a point where you have to create makeup that fits in those lighting situations without compromising one or the other,” he said. “If I started heavier and she got into the church, her makeup would’ve looked a lot darker than when you see her in natural light. It was also noon, when the light is at its highest."

Brides-to-be, as you go into your trials, be sure to mention the time of day your ceremony will be and come up with a plan with your makeup artist to make it work as seamlessly as Markle’s did.

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Taking everything into account, Markle’s look only required a few things. The bride wanted to be “radiant, glowy, and polished," so on her big day, Martin knew exactly what to do. After the royal wedding, Martin spoke with Brides, saying he used only a few products to get the job done: "Waterproof mascara, lash accents on her outer corners, and filled-in brows." On her lips he opted for a balm with the goal being "a healthy moisturized lip."

Markle has not only been a longtime client of Martin’s, but the two are also friends, so getting to do her makeup for the royal wedding meant even more to him.

"It was such an emotional day," Martin said to Brides. "And one I will never forget!"

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