Meghan Markle Was Spotted in Her First Outfit Repeat Ahead of the Royal Wedding

Stealing fashion tips from Kate Middleton

Updated 04/21/18

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Relatable royal alert: Meghan Markle is taking a page out of Kate Middleton's book and repeating outfits.

Just three weeks ahead of the royal wedding, the actress stepped out alongside Prince Harry at an Invictus Games reception in Sydney wearing a green floral Self-Portrait dress (which is surprise, surprise already sold out) topped with an Alexander McQueen black blazer (available here for $1,995), People reports. If the blazer looks familiar, that's because it's the second time the royal bride-to-be has worn it. She was first spotted in the sleek black jacket at the Endeavor Awards on February 1, where she paired it with a pair of black cropped pants, a white blouse and black pumps to create a chic suiting look.

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Markle seems to be following in her future sister-in-law's high heeled footsteps and making good use out of her favorite pieces from her wardrobe. Middleton is known for wearing and re-wearing outfits, and has been spotted repurposing some of her old maternity dresses throughout her third pregnancy.

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It's hardly surprising that Middleton would be passing along fashion tips to Markle given the nature of the friendship between the two royal women. "Very early on [Kate] made it clear that should Meghan ever need something, or just want to chat, she shouldn't hesitate to get in touch," an insider revealed after the two met for the first time. "Kate knows how difficult it is navigating one's way through this very different world. [And] it was important to [Harry] that Meghan and Kate got to know each other, as she has experienced many of the challenges Meghan now faces."

When Meghan Markle weds Prince Harry on May 19th, Kate Middleton will serve as a member of the bridal party. While she probably won't be wearing a recycled dress on the big day, we can't help but hope there's a surprise appearance from one of the dresses from the last royal wedding (Pippa Middleton's white MOH dress, perhaps?). Only a few weeks left until we find out for sure!

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