Meghan Markle Reportedly Helped Prince Harry Kick This Bad Habit

Thank goodness for Meghan!

Updated 05/01/18

Ben Birchall/WPA Pool/Getty Images

We still have three weeks left until Meghan Markle officially becomes a member of the royal family, but already she's making some important changes—namely, to Prince Harry's lifestyle. On Tuesday, Vanity Fair reported that Prince Harry has "pretty much quit" smoking, according to sources, because his bride-to-be (who's a former lifestyle blogger) hates the habit. But it's not just a vice or two—the Daily Mail reported on Sunday that Prince Harry has reportedly made a huge shift to healthy living, working out, cutting out carbs, and even (gasp!) giving up pizza.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry has embraced Markle's "clean eating" habits, making huge changes to his diet like throwing out carbs in favor of quinoa and kale and juicing. "They have bought a top-of-the-range juicer and she has him on fruit and veg smoothies," a source told the tabloid. "She’s also weaning him off meat." The outlet reported that Markle follows a "largely plant-based diet" that includes french fries, wine, and "the occasional ice cream," and keeps a fridge stocked with hummus, carrots, green juice, almond milk, and chia seed pudding she makes herself.

"I try to eat vegan during the week and then have a little bit more flexibility with what I dig into on the weekends," she said, according to the Daily Mail. "But at the same time, it’s all about balance ... I don’t ever want to feel deprived. I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things."

The Daily Mail also reported that Prince Harry has joined a £575-a-month gym, his workout counterpart to Markle's regular yoga class attendance, pilates practice, and running habit.

This isn't the first major change he's made. Last November, while visiting Chicago's Hyde Park Academy with former First Lady Michelle Obama, the prince said that he'd basically given up pizza (although he'd cheated by sampling Chicago's signature dish the night before). "I don’t even eat pizza anymore, but I had pizza last night," he said, according to Food & Wine. "We had deep dish and thin crust." It's a great trade-off for being married to Meghan Markle.

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