Fans Think Kate Middleton Handed Meghan Markle Her Bouquet at the Royal Wedding

Who's that making the hand-off?

Updated 08/15/18

WPA Pool/Getty Images

If you thought you had already overanalyzed every single tiny detail from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding in May, think again. This week, several outlets have pointed out one thing you may not have noticed about Meghan's walk down the aisle three months ago—likely due to being (understandably) distracted by her gorgeous Givenchy gown. Rather than carrying her bouquet with her to St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, Meghan had her flowers handed to her once she actually entered the church.

As you can see in video of Meghan's arrival, which the BBC shared back on her wedding day, she makes her grand arrival at St. George's empty-handed. It's not until she walks over the threshold of the chapel, greets the pastor, and joins the slow procession down the aisle that a dark-haired woman wearing a light-colored outfit and standing in the very back of the church can be seen handing Meghan her bouquet. The moment happens around the 2:28 mark of this clip, courtesy of the BBC:

Though some outlets have stirred up some confusion by musing whether Kate Middleton might have been the mystery brunette who handed her new sister-in-law her flowers, that's definitely not the case. While Kate does share the same hair color as the bouquet passer and was also wearing a light-colored dress, she had already been seated at the very front of the chapel for quite some time before Meghan's arrival.

In fact, the woman in question was likely Samantha Cohen, a former private secretary of Queen Elizabeth II who has recently helped Meghan through her "princess lessons" and is set to become Prince Harry's private secretary sometime later this summer, according to People. Not only does Cohen have a similar haircut and color to Kate's, but she also opted to wear a pale pink dress to the royal wedding. Plus, in her role of helping Meghan assimilate into the royal family, it would make sense that Cohen would've served as something of a logistics manager at Meghan's wedding, ensuring everything went according to plan. Case closed!

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