Meghan Markle's Engagement Photographer Opens Up About Backlash Over the Future Bride's Outfit Choice

Photographer Alexi Lubomirski didn't expect such strong reactions to Markle's chosen gown

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Unless you've made a point to remove yourself from all things royal wedding related (which, why would you!?), you've probably seen Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's stunning engagement photos. Kensington Palace publicly shared a few highlights from the shoot via social media last December, gracing us all with three candid shots of the lovebirds that we may or may not have hung up on our fridges. And while the pair's adorableness alone is enough to make us fangirls, naturally Markle's outfit choice for the engagement photo session was the talk of the town. However, while Markle Maniacs are typically quick to hop on the future royal bride's fashion bandwagon, this particular look caused quite the commotion...and not necessarily in a good way.

Prince Harry and Markle commissioned the help of photographer Alexi Lubomirski for their engagement shoot, and he recently weighed in on the overwhelming responses to the pictures, which centered around Markle's outfit choice. The bride-to-be sported a ball gown made by the London-based brand Ralph & Russo, which featured a sheer sequin top and ruffled skirt. Markle obviously looked ah-amazing in the stunning frock, but the public questioned whether a nude top was the right selection for a soon-to-be-royal.

"I was very shocked with the reaction," Lubomirski told Entertainment Tonight regarding public backlash over Markle's gown. "To be honest, we tried on a couple of different things and that was just one that she felt comfortable in, so we weren’t really thinking, 'Is it nude?' or anything. We just thought, 'Feel comfortable and let’s make some nice pictures.' "

Despite scrutiny over Markle's gown, there's no denying it's one dress we'd all love to have hanging in our closets. However, while the soon-to-be-bride has been known to shop at budget-friendly favorites like J.Crew and Aritzia, her engagement photos outfit is one look that probably won't be flying off the shelves. Unless you have a cool $75,000 lying around, it's safe to assume you probably won't be copying Markle's style any time soon.

Lubomirski, whose fellow A-list clients also include celebs like Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston, told ET that he met with Harry and Markle in London prior to the photo shoot, and he further confirmed just how much these two exemplify all our #RelationshipGoals.

"When I went to meet them to see if we vibed, they were just cutesy and every time they looked at each other they were like, [giggling]," he said. "I was like, 'This is gonna be great. This is gonna be easy.' I said, 'I just want to shoot you like this. This is what you're like.' " He added that they collectively decided to aim for a "accessible, relatable" look during the photo session.

The actual shoot itself went swimmingly because, according to Lubomirski, "they were so naturally in love." And while Markle's former acting days gave her the upper hand when it came to being in front of the camera, she was more than willing to help guide her future groom.

"She was actually a godsend because obviously Prince Harry has done many photos before, but she really knew what goes into a photo shoot because she's done it so many times before," he said. "So, it was wonderful to have her as a sort of coach on set. He kind of led her through and she led him through, and she just made it very nice and easy."

If Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement photos (dress and all) serve as any indication of the pair's actual wedding, we can't wait to see these two walk down the aisle in all their adorable glory.

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