Here’s How Meghan Markle’s Bachelorette Party Will Go Down

Will the queen approve?!

Meghan Markle Takes a 'Britishness' Quiz

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Meghan Markle is prepping for her last fling before the ring. But something tells us that she and her girl group won’t be donning matching “She’s tying the knot. Buy us a shot” tees for their last night out on London Town. According to new royal reports, no, this won’t be your typical bachelorette bash. After all, with the literal queen of England among her soon-to-be in-laws, we’re thinking strippers and vodka shots are a definite no-go. But even so, this is one bachelorette party everyone will want to score an invite to. Here’s what’s reportedly on the itinerary for Meghan Markle’s royal bachelorette party.

According to Us Weekly, the duchess-to-be won’t have a traditional Americanized bachelorette party. For starters, the guest list touts both men and women, and Markle won’t be calling her final fling a “bachelorette party” or “hen party,” as they’re known as across the pond. “Meghan will be having a party but won’t be calling it her ‘bachelorette,’” a source close to the couple divulged to Us Weekly. “Think low-key, think somewhere out of London, good food and drink, a little music. It won’t be wild.” But like any bride-to-be, Meghan reportedly “wants [her bachelorette party] to be a celebration of friendship and love,” according to the source.

As for the guest list, the insider says to “expect to see the usual faces.” Meghan’s apparent BFFs Markus Anderson, Lindsay Jill Roth, and Jessica Mulroney are all expected to score spots on the guest list. (And possibly in the bridal party?)

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Besides her pre-wedding party plans, the insider also revealed another major detail of the upcoming royal nuptials. Markle isn’t planning on creating a bridal registry with her groom. “They want to encourage friends, family, and well-wishers to donate anonymously to a charity gift fund,” claims the source.

Because with a palace full of corgis, what more does a girl need?

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