Meghan Markle Had a Grand Entrance at Pippa Middleton's Wedding

Here's why the American actress skipped the ceremony.

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After counting down the days, weeks, and months until the big day, the storybook wedding between Pippa Middleton and James Matthews finally took place yesterday, on Saturday, May 20, 2017. And, guys, it was gorgeous—everything from Pippa Middleton's wedding dress (it definitely lived up to the hype!) to the newlyweds' itty bitty bridal party, featuring the adorable Princess Charlotte and Prince George—and the photos from the couple's classic ceremony made us squeal with delight. But there was one thing that Pippa and James's ceremony was notably missing: Meghan Markle!

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Despite rumors that the American actress was to attend Middleton's wedding ceremony at Prince Harry's side, Meghan Markle was MIA at the church, St. Mark's Englefield, where the nuptials were taking place. And when photographers captured Prince Harry entering the ceremony alongside Prince William—sans date—we instantly wanted to know where the Suits actress was hiding.

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Three days ahead of the big day, Markle reportedly arrived in London, according to Entertainment Tonight, driving straight to Kensington Palace. And on Friday, the day before the wedding, E! News reported, Markle even indulged in a $325 facial at the swanky London spa Covent Garden so she could look her very best.

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So when the American beauty wasn't in attendance at the ceremony, we had to wonder WTH the deal was. Did Pippa decide to reinstate her no-bring, no-ring rule? Or was the relationship between Prince Harry and Markle not as fairytale-worthy as we initially thought?

Thankfully, we had nothing to worry about! Once the I do's were said, Markle made her arrival at Pippa's reception at the Middleton family home in Bucklebury, England. Here's what we know about her grand entrance....

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Apparently, the reasoning behind Markle's ceremony absence is simple: The couple was trying not to attract too much attention by appearing at the ceremony or distract from Pippa's shining moment. (Brides everywhere applaud you, Meghan!) "Right now Harry and Meghan are leaning towards not wanting to attract extra attention, especially on a day that's not about them," said a source who spoke to E! News.

Instead, after the ceremony, Prince Harry was seen driving in a black car to go retrieve his date, with a sneaky photographer managing to snap a pic of them sneaking into the reception.

According to Harper's Bazaar, Prince Harry drove an hour and a half back to London to pick up Markle and then another hour and a half to the Middleton estate for the reception. That's three hours spent driving just so Markle could be his plus-one! We. Are. Screaming. (And low-key already planning their royal wedding...)

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