Were Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Destined to Be Together From Childhood?

Princess Diana's former astrologer says Harry's love story was written in the stars when he was just six years old!

Updated 01/02/18

Samir Hussein

All the best fairy tales call for a magic dash of fate—and according to Debbie Frank, friend and astrologer of the late Princess Diana, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been destined for one another since 1990.

The astrologer told Royal Central that when Diana asked her to read the astrological charts for William and Harry almost three decades ago, when Harry was only six years old, Frank discovered a "connection" with America in the younger royal’s trajectory. Frank also said the late princess would've been very pleased to find it turned out to be a love connection. Basically, this royal romance was written in the stars!

"She’d be so happy that he was getting to marry the person he wanted to marry—that Meghan is such a different person," Frank told RC. "She’d really admire Harry for bringing her in.”

When the two ladies would meet at various London restaurants, Frank says they constantly discussed both of Diana's children, but "Diana would always have a giggle and a glint in her eye when she talked about Harry." Diana supposedly worried for Harry's future, but not in the way you might imagine from his earlier bachelor days. Frank says Diana actually feared Harry would one day lose his "naughty, mischievous" side. "She would be rueful about him and what was going to happen for Harry," Frank said. "She knew he had all this energy, and it was going to be hard for him to conform to real life.”

But now that Harry's real life has landed him an "unbelievable" (We guess Frank would beg to differ) catch in Markle, Frank asserts that Diana would be "so proud" of who Harry has become and "thrilled" about his pending marriage to Markle.

And how would the future princess and Diana have made out as in-laws? Very well, says Frank, because Diana and Meghan are "alike in many ways" and share a "warmth and strength."

We can't wait to see what else is in the stars for the fated prince and princess...

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