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The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services for Busy As Hell Couples

Say goodbye to the grocery store, and bon appétit!

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Whether you’re a busy 9–5er or a side hustle extraordinaire, extra time to cook fresh homemade meals can be hard to come by. When you throw in wedding planning, fitness goals, maintaining a social life, and family responsibilities, it can feel impossible. Enter: meal kit delivery services.

Thanks to advances in technology, distribution, local farming, and subscription services, meal kit delivery services bring fresh ingredients and chef-approved recipes to your doorstep any day of the week. Say goodbye to the grocery store, and bon appétit!


This weekly delivery service boasts flexible subscription terms starting at $55.75 per week, serving pre-portioned meals for all sizes and menu options, with 20 chef-created recipes (plus dessert) to choose from each week. For those a bit more adventurous in the kitchen, recipes range from quick prep (under 30 minutes) to “full culinary adventures” in under an hour. Plated delivers to over 95% of the U.S. and also offers a free Plated Night for new customers. Vegetarians, carnivores and dessert lovers will all find something to love about Plated, including the responsibly sourced and proportioned ingredients and flexibility.

Hello Fresh

When it comes to dining the more options, the better. Hello Fresh offers 10 delectable entrees to choose from each week (including breakfast options) and promise a “30 minutes to dinner time,” for each and every meal. With an easy to use app, you can also pause or cancel your subscription at any time, which costs $8.74 per meal for the Family Plan, or $9.99 per meal for their Classic Plan or Veggie Plan. Currently delivering across the continental United States, Hello Fresh also offers generous promotions to first-time customers.

Blue Apron

Under either a 2-Person Plan ($59.94/week serving 2) or Family Plan ($71.92 per week serving 4) Blue Apron works directly with over 150 farms and “artisanal purveyors” to source the freshest ingredients. Delivering nationwide to most addresses, boxes arrive with insulation and ice packs to ensure your food remains fresh and ready to prepare. Customers can select from the menu options in advance each week, so you’ll know, and have a say in, exactly what’s for dinner. For an added bonus, you can also try their Blue Apron Wine option (depending on your location) for a monthly delivery of six premium wines at $10 per bottle to perfectly compliment your meals.

Courtesy of Blue Apron

Purple Carrot

With a focus on health, energy, and “power,” Purple Carrot is a plant-based ingredient and recipe delivery service, offering seasonally inspired dishes that are as nutritious as they are delicious. Three plan options include meals for one to two or three to four people, as well as their Performance Meals line, which is higher in protein and gluten free. Free shipping and the flexibility to pause or cancel your subscription at any time makes this innovative service perfect for busy vegetarians, clean eaters, and anyone willing to try something new. Pricing ranges from $68–$78 per week, depending on preferences and quantity.


Freshly’s mission is to “make you happy, healthy, and more free to pursue your passions.” Um, yes please! Not a fan of cooking or doing the dishes? These meals arrive freshly prepared (never frozen) and are ready in less than two minutes while always being gluten free, sans processed sugars, high protein, and low carb. With built in portion control, Freshly is also environmentally friendly, with recyclable paper, plastic, cardboard, and insulation. Four meal per week plans begin at $49.99/week ($12.50/meal) with 6, 9 and 12 meals per week options.

Sun Basket

USDA certified organic, Sun Basket is also a weekly service with organic and non-GMO ingredients. With the understanding of individual dietary needs, the company offers gluten-free, Paleo and vegetarian options in addition to a family plan. Classic Menu service comes in at $11.49 per meal with 3 recipes per week, and the Family Menu service totals $9.99 per serving at 2 or 4 recipes per week. With 6 individual meal plan to choose from (including the Rise and Shine that features two quick breakfast options) Sun Basket makes it easy to eat consciously and responsibly.

Home Chef

Thanks to their relationship with quality suppliers and professional chefs, Home Chef provides quality ingredients and recipes each week that can be made into delicious, easy meals within 30 minutes. Weekly menus include 10 dinner selections, breakfasts, a fruit basket, and a smoothie each week, and is accessible to those with dietary guidelines, too. Subscriptions are flexible, and at $9.95 per meal serving with smoothies and fruit baskets costing $4.95, it’s an affordable program for fresh and delicious food.

Green Chef

Couples who lead an organic lifestyle can appreciate that Green Chef is the very first USDA-certified organic meal kit delivery company. So everything from the facility and process to the ingredients themselves are certified organic. And with one of the most inclusive selections of dietary preferences (think vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free—three Certified Gluten Free menus to be exact!), there are options for almost every couple out there. Most meals will take 30 minutes or less, so you have more time to enjoy each other's company. Veggies arrive already chopped and complex sauces are assembled ahead of time so there's less work for you and your hungry spouse.

Courtesy of Blue Apron


Southern hospitality is part of the charm of PeachDish. The meal delivery service sources ingredients from local farms and small purveyors in the Southeast. But don't think for a minute that it's all shrimp 'n' grits. You and your new partner-in-crime-forever get to choose from at least 8 different recipes each week, and there's an ongoing "SuperFood Series" to cater to healthier tastes, featuring the likes of wheat berries, pepitas, kale, edamame and more. Expect offerings as diverse as green tea chicken over spinach and sprouts, beef tacos with red cabbage slaw and Georgia-grown strip steak with creamed spinach and roasted potatoes. Sign up for a subscription or order a single box for a date-night at home once in a while. The standard PeachDish delivery includes 4 servings of meals for $50 (or $12.50 per serving) but you can customize your order to your taste. The price of each meal and market item is listed in the description as you order. The only requirement is a minimum cart total of $45 for any individual shipment. You can add multiple dishes, additional servings, or items from our market to your shipment depending on your preferences.

Martha & Marley Spoon

The cooking powerhouse that is Martha Stewart joined forces with Marley Spoon's straightforward service that pulls from more than 18,000 recipes each week to introduce new ingredients that you might not already use. Try new flavors as a couple and choose from international dishes like oven-fried fish and chips, harissa chicken sandwiches and croque monsieur panzanella with tangy greens. Ingredients are sorted by recipe so there's no rummaging through bags and boxes for what you need. And expect to see even more recipes being offered at the end of April. Subscriptions start at $48 per week.

Urban Remedy

If you love to eat healthy but don't love the idea of spending tons of time in the kitchen, this service has your name all over it. Urban Remedy will drop a box of organic meals, juices and snacks at your doorstep, and everything's ready to eat—no prep needed. It's not a bad idea to set up a post-honeymoon delivery of UR's Metabolism or Anti-Inflammation Meal Plan to make up for all those piña coladas and six-course dinners. You'll feel as light as you did on your wedding day noshing on well-balanced meals free of gluten, sugar and dairy. Meal plans start at $110.

Züpa Noma

Do slurp-worthy, certified organic soups that you can sip straight from the bottle sound appealing? The grab-and-go options by Züpa Noma will fill you two up with tons of fiber and not too much sugar. You can approach the service like a juice cleanse and commit to a few multiple-bottles-plus-snacks days for great metabolic benefits, or buy a bunch to stock your fridge and have as healthy meals in between the occasional indulgence. Flavors include cucumber avocado fennel, carrot coconut lime and tomato gazpacho—and they are Whole 30 approved! Buy soups individually for $7 or shots for $3, or get 10% off when you sign up for a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly subscription box (i.e. each soup is $6.30, shots are $2.70).


The Munchery Manifesto reads as follows: "Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re willing to compromise when it comes to food — in fact, your standards are sky high. You want delicious, all-natural, chef-crafted food, precisely where and when you want it. You need mealtime on your terms, and that’s where we come in. It’s not take-out. It’s not home cooking. It’s Munchery." As such, their meals are made by a roster of accomplished chefs including James Beard Award winners and successful restaurateurs. Each kit has everything you need to whip up a tasty dinner for two in 15 mins, with delivery options for every appetite. Membership starts at $6.95 per month.

Courtesy of Blue Apron


The Dinnerly meal kit is always 50% off, starting at just $5 per person. But taste isn't sacrificed for the price—they use the same quality ingredients as the other kits but take a simpler approach: digital recipe cards instead of paper, fewer ingredients per dish (which means less chopping and cleaning), simple packaging, and no fancy marketing campaigns. Easy and unfussy all around.


Each recipe on Gobble includes only three steps and is designed to be prepared in one pan. Portions are pre-prepped by chefs before they make their way to you, so 15 minutes is all you need to whip up a tasty meal. Pick from a chef-designed menu of fresh, diverse dishes that suit your tastes and diet, and change your preferences at any time. Gobble offers charges an all-inclusive price of $11.95 per meal if you order 6 or more meals and $13.95 per meal if you only order 4 meals. If you are ordering 6 meals, you'll pay $71.70 total. No tax, shipping, or gratuity.


If you're more the baking type with a significant sweet tooth, Foodstirs will have you hooked. Foodstirs is inspired by a collective mission to stir up the food industry with a revolutionary baking line, and along the way, create a community of likeminded people (get this: one of the founders is Sarah Michelle Gellar!). Perfect for couples with small children who love to get messy in the kitchen, this delivery service uses only fair trade cocoa and chocolate, unrefined biodynamic cane sugar, heirloom flour, and chemical-free food coloring. With only six steps from box to bowl and pan to plate, baking with Foodstirs makes it as simple as it should be to make moments you’ll treasure. Kits start at $15.26.

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