How Do I Coordinate My Bridesmaids and Groomsmen?

Updated 10/11/12

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We asked bridal stylist Jacqueline Weppner of Merci New York to lend her expertise to your biggest fashion dilemmas.

I have always dreamed of having my bridesmaids wear chocolate brown dresses, however I am not a fan of chocolate brown suits or tuxedos, or really anything except for black. How can I incorporate the brown dresses without clashing with the men's black suits?Jillian Leigh, Facebook

Dear Jillian,

There are definitely ways to pair chocolate brown bridesmaid dresses with classic black suits or tuxedos. The trick is to incorporate a hint of brown in the men's accessories or boutonnieres. For summer weddings, a chocolate crinkle chiffon bridesmaid dress pairs wonderfully with a black suit as long as the men's furnishings have a hint of a taupe to them. Brides with winter weddings can opt for satin bridesmaid dresses in the chocolate hue and rely on brown or warm, orange boutonnieres to pick up on the palette.

Still not convinced your group will look as put together as you'd like? Try this styling tip: Dress half of your bridesmaids in the chocolate shade you love and the other half in a complementary warm taupe that matches the groomsmen's pocket squares, vests, or ties. Everyone looks cohesive, chic and stylish! Voilà!

—Jacqueline Weppner

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