Is a Master of Ceremonies Really Necessary for Your Wedding Reception?

Updated 01/04/15

Rebecca Gosselin Photography

*When throwing a big wedding reception, a lot of people like to hire a master of ceremonies to run the show. They'll announce the couple, when dinner is being served, and demand everyone's attention for the first dance. But is having a ringleader for your reception really necessary? Our etiquette experts weigh in. *

Short answer: No. Having a master of ceremonies — while a nice addition to keep the party flowing — isn't at all a necessity. It's also an added cost if you're on a tight budget. Some people like to have someone lay out the series of events at the party. But, if you're unsure of whether or not to hire this MC know it's ok to forgo him or her.

A perfectly acceptable way to make up for a lack of an MC? Ask your wedding band's leader or D.J. to make all necessary announcements. Usually, they'll do this anyway. As hired entertainment for countless weddings, these people know how to keep a party moving. If you have a specific idea in mind for how you'd like the reception to run, just be sure to inform the bandleader or D.J. ahead of time. This way, they'll know to speak up on the microphone when dinner is served or understand exactly how you'd like to be introduced as husband and wife when entering the dance floor.

Again, there's absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a master of ceremonies — many entertainment companies include them with their package. But if you're eyes are keenly on cost, this is one thing that's pretty easy to scrap without any guest — or you — noticing come the big day.

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