Margot Robbie Casually Hung Out With Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres on Her Honeymoon


Updated 01/10/18

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What do you get when you put Margot Robbie, Ellen DeGeneres, Barack Obama, and one unfortunate pair of very short shorts together in a hotel gym? The funniest honeymoon story of all time.

On Wednesday, Robbie sat down with DeGeneres to chat about her new film, I, Tonya, when the conversation turned to the time they ran into each other while on vacation (Robbie was on her honeymoon with husband Tom Ackerley) in Tahiti. "I'm scared because my husband is going to kill me for telling this story, but it's my favorite story ever," Robbie began the side-splitting tale.

The pair, who wed in 2016, had just arrived at their resort in Tahiti when rain forced them to head to the gym.

"We get changed to go to the gym, and Tom puts on these shorts that are like, his oldest gym shorts and they're tiny. And they're like, really short and there's nothing underneath," she explained. "He gets on his bicycle to ride there and I'm like, 'Whoa, babe. You cannot wear those shorts. I can see everything.' And he's like, 'Oh, come on. Who are we going to run into? I mean, who's going to be here?'"

Turns out, the first people they bumped into when they walked into the gym were DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, who were running on side-by-side treadmills. As if that wasn't enough celebrity (and, in Ackerley's case, embarrassment) for one hotel gym, there was another notable guest also working on his fitness that day: President Barack Obama. (As it turns out, the former president was spending time in Tahiti writing his book.)

The entire A-List group apparently went on to take a stretching class together, where hilarity did ensue at Ackerley's expense. "It's a very confined space, and we then had to do this whole like, class, like, this stretching class," said Robbie. "But Tom, meanwhile, is trying to not reveal anything. And he's dying, and I'm crying so much I'm about to crack a rib," she joked. "This gym instructor keeps saying to Tom, 'Tom, lunge. Lunge! You're not lunging!' And Tom's like, trying to lunge cross-legged, and Obama's like, stepping over his legs to put his weights back."

Watch her share the memorable moment, below.

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